Makeshift Monday: Spring Was in the Air

Yesterday we got up to a balmy 16 degrees celsius! Steve took the opportunity to rake up leaves that had collected on our lawn from the strong winds we had, courtesy of Hurricane Sandy.

It also seemed like the opportune time to put up Christmas decorations. Unfortunately Steve decided at the end of last season he wanted to do outdoor Christmas lights this year, but we haven’t bought them yet. Seemed odd to celebrate the spring-like weather with Christmas decorations, anyway.

So we put Maxton in the Ergobaby (which he tolerates if he is on our back) and went for a walk to the park and the pond.

I know this was probably the last warm day of the year before we get smacked in the face with cold, so we made sure we enjoyed it. We should really have gone to the lake or the zoo, but it was nice to get some yard work done.

How do you celebrate warm fall days?

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