The Next Picasso

When I was at the Samko & Miko toy sale the other day, I decided I would get a large pad of paper (meant for an easel) for Maxton to colour on. I also snagged a pack of Crayola triangular non-toxic crayons for him to try out. I had never really thought about letting Maxton colour (he’s only 14.5 months), but heck, why not? What’s the worst he could do? It’s not like I would leave him unsupervised with a box of crayons at this age.

So I got out the giant pad of paper and crayons, and tested it out.

He wasn’t sure at first, but once I showed him what to do he seemed semi-interested.

It didn’t last long. He just wanted to eat them, and finally succeeded when he swiftly bit off the entire tip of the purple crayon.

We managed to get a nice piece of art out of it.

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