An Entry a Day

When I was pregnant with Maxton, I kept a journal that I wrote in at least once a week. I am sad and equally embarrassed to say that my last entry was August 24, 2011 (the day he was born).

I debated whether I would just continue writing in it now (better late than never, right?), or buy a new journal and start fresh. I decided that the journal would be my “pregnancy journal” with Maxton, and that I would buy a new one and start fresh.

So, while I was at Home Sense on the weekend (dangerous this time of year), I was in search for the perfect journal that was both feminine (for me), but would make me think of my little boy. What better way than with blue butterflies? Ha-ha.

I am happy I at least have this blog, where I have shared many of his milestones and special moments during his first year; but, I will make a conscious effort to write in this journal at least once a week, and hopefully more. I hope one day he will appreciate and enjoy reading both of these journals as much as I have enjoyed and will continue to enjoy, writing in them.

They may come in handy when he has his own little one (or two, or three…), one day…


Happy Thanksgiving to my American readers and friends!

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