Fifteen Months of Maxton

When Maxton turned one-year-old, I debated whether I would keep up with the monthly photos. I decided against it, but that I would take one every three months, instead.

It’s hard to believe my boy is fifteen months old. It actually feels like his first birthday was just last week.

Here’s what my little monkey’s been up to:

– He is walking all the time now – still unsteady at times but 10x than when he started just over a month ago

– He says a handful of words, but seems to prefer pointing and yelling, to saying those words

– He is really good with signing “more” and “milk” which makes meal/snack time a lot easier

– He loves to make his smily/squinty face, which cracks us up

– He would rather his socks be in his mouth or on the floor, than on his feet

– He has quite the tantrums. Throwing whatever’s in his reach, attempting to hit me in the face, or “gently” biting me

– He has one nap a day – some days they are longer than others

– The word “no” just pisses him off

– He tries to say “please” when you ask him to, but it sounds more like “eeesh” – very cute.

– He loves to point to objects in books that he recognizes, and will remember some if you ask him where “said object” is.

He is such an amazing little guy, growing and learning so much, every day.

Without further ado: His fifteen month pictures!

He loves to carry his little monkey around with him. He was checking out the first (mini) snowfall this morning.

Happy 15 months, baby boy. xo

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