Makeshift Monday: Christmas List

I have to start off by saying, my Mom told me to write this post. “Helen, why don’t you write a post about how many times I have asked you for a Christmas list, and how I still don’t have it.” Those were her exact words. So here you go, Mom.

Every year, my mom asks me to come up with a Christmas List well in advance. Every year, around this time, she starts making scary threats like “All you will get is money in boxes to open on Christmas. How fun is that?!”. Umm, cha-ching! Very fun. All kidding aside, I always have a hard time coming up with a list. I’m sure there are a lot of things I would “like”, I just can’t come up with anything…

On Saturday while preparing salad at my Mom’s for dinner, I noticed her super-cool-spaceship-like salad spinner, and decided I would like one exactly like it. One item – check.

Stella & Dot also had a great Black Friday sale this past weekend, so I picked out a ring I liked, and ordered it (for my Mom to give me). Two items – check!

I’m sure come December 26, I will think of ten things I want for Christmas. That’s how my mind works. Perhaps I can attribute it to years of procrastination. Although as a child, I had no problem coming up with a Christmas list of 20 items or more. Barbie’s, a Baby Alive, Polly Pocket’s, My Little Pony’s…Ahhh, when Christmas was simple…

Don’t worry Mom, I am currently working on item number three…

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