Laugh & Learn

A little over a month or so ago, we discovered Maxton knew how to unlock our iPhones. He knew to push the button, and then to slide the arrow across the screen. I guess he saw Mama and Dada do it one too many times…

I started to search for baby apps that he would be interested in. I downloaded a few, some he liked, some he had zero interest in. I stumbled upon the Fisher Price Laugh & Learn apps which he LOVES. It’s now on my iPhone and the iPad.

He knows how to navigate his way around the app, and each time he touches the screen, a little star appears. He loves that.

Steve and I only have a couple of apps on our phones for him; and if he wants either of our phones and we don’t give it to him, this happens:

No iPhone = Major tantrum.

It can be a good learning tool, but only in moderation.

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