Makeshift Monday: My Busy Little Bee

Here’s what my little monkey has been up to the last little while.

Drove a car in the house with Aunt Jenny.

Relived summer days.

Snacked on some raisins.

Giggled and smiled.

Had bonding time with Dada.

Uncooperative moments.

Laughed with Grandpa.

Cuddled with Aunt Rachel.

Relaxed in an oversized chair.

He’s been busy! He still managed to make some time to kiss his Mama.

I love him.

DIY Christmas Wreaths

Yesterday, we started decorating our home for Christmas. Steve was working on putting up some Christmas lights, while I tackled the decor on the inside. I don’t know about you, but I have to pretty much empty all of our Christmas boxes/bins before I start, because I can never remember what I have. In the end, I am still rearranging and moving figurines from one end table to another. I’m not alone, right?

Every year I swear that I won’t buy any more decor the following year, because I have enough – and every year¬†I end up adding a thing or two to the house. (I’ll share more¬†on that¬†later this week.)

When we moved into our house, one thing I was looking forward to at Christmas was decorating our front door with some beautiful holiday wreaths. I never thought finding the perfect wreaths would be so challenging or expensive. Every wreathe that I loved was $35 + (which may not be so bad if you only need one), and I wasn’t prepared to spend that much. So, I decided why not make some?

Two years ago I purchased some plain wreaths from Lowes for around $6 each (on sale) and got to work. I collected some spare plastic ornaments and pine cones and started adding them to the wreaths. I used ornament hooks to attach them, to ensure they wouldn’t fall off.

The great thing about doing them yourself, is you can change them from year to year. The first year we moved in I had a red theme, last year a gold, and this year I decided to go with blue and silver.

They may not be as fancy and elaborate as some of the wreaths out there, but I am very happy with them (considering how little they cost me)! It’s an easy and fun DIY to save you some $ at Christmas time.

The Next Picasso

When I was at the Samko¬†& Miko toy sale the other day, I decided I would get a large pad of paper (meant for an easel) for Maxton to colour on. I also snagged a pack of Crayola triangular non-toxic crayons for him to try out. I had never really thought about letting Maxton colour (he’s only 14.5 months), but heck, why not? What’s the worst he could do? It’s not like I would leave him unsupervised with a box of crayons at this age.

So I got out the giant pad of paper and crayons, and tested it out.

He wasn’t sure at first, but once I showed him what to do he seemed semi-interested.

It didn’t last long. He just wanted to eat them, and finally succeeded when he swiftly bit off the entire tip of the purple crayon.

We managed to get a nice piece of art out of it.

Haunted Dream House

I decided to check in with the NaBloPoMo Prompts to see what today’s “suggested topic” was. Some of them have appealed to me and some not so much, but I decided to go for the one today because it made me stop and think.

“Would you buy your dream house if the price was right BUT you also were told it was inhabited by ghosts?”

Seriously? NO!

I’m sure some of you will agree with my response, and others are asking: “Why not?! Who cares?”. It’s creepy and weird, end of story.

Don’t get me wrong, I like all those scary paranormal shows and ghost shows (in moderation), but I don’t need it to be my life. I don’t want to deal with the sounds of slamming doors, creaking floors, shadows out of the corner of my eye, or random voices. My life is entertaining enough without a spirit from beyond inhabiting my home.

Do I believe in ghosts? I don’t know. I’ve heard stories from close friends¬†who I know wouldn’t make it up,¬†and I had the odd experience myself, but¬†I’m not going to knowingly walk into a “haunted house”.

When Steve and I first got together, we would stay up until 12am every Saturday to watch this show called Most Haunted. It was this British paranormal mystery (reality) TV show¬†that investigated various “haunted” buildings, with a team of investigators and a skeptic, who would prove or disprove the haunting. What a great show to watch before going to sleep. We loved it – but even more, loved our Saturday night/early Sunday morning ritual.

Most of the time it scared the crap out of me. There is something even more scary about a British paranormal TV show than one filmed in Canada or the U.S.

So I would have to say no to the six bedroom, five bathroom, chef’s kitchen, indoor pool house.

Haunted houses are great on Halloween, but that’s about it.