Maxton vs Santa

On Sunday, Steve and I dressed Maxton up to meet Santa for the second time. Last year the photo turned out great, and he wasn’t bothered at all by Jolly-Old-St.Nick.

This year (as I anticipated), was a very different story. The second I put him on his lap, his lip curled and the tears started to flow. We tried a second time, with the same result. He had this look of sheer terror on his face as I back-stepped my way out of the photo. “MAAAMMMAA STRANGER DANGER!!!” (He didn’t actually shout this, but I’m sure it’s what he was thinking.)

Who can blame him? There was no point in continuing to torture him,  so we decided to make it a family photo. You can see he is still upset about the whole thing, and there was no breaking that frown.

santa2012 001 (2)

To top it all off, when I sat down to do this post (Monday night), and loaded the CD we received with the picture on it, some random child appeared on my screen. Fail. I was quite upset to say the least. They also failed to include two key chains, which we also paid for in the package. So I went back and showed them a little less holiday spirit and requested a full refund. I had to go through head office, but I am expecting a cheque for the full amount of our package, in the mail. Sadly, they no longer had our photo’s so I had to scan the 5 x 7 we were given to make additional prints. I’m just happy we walked away with some prints and didn’t rely on the CD. Hopefully this doesn’t happen often.  If the photo had been epic (aka Maxton beaming) I would have been more disappointed.

Maybe next year he will be all smiles on his own…

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