Makeshift Monday

It’s a wet, slushy Monday – I’m referring to the weather, not the overall mood of the day.

I think I can speak for many of you out there when I say: I’m sick of winter. I am not a big winter person. I enjoy a nice snowfall, and when Maxton is older, it will be nice to play in the snow (sometimes), but I am sick of the icy roads, freezing temperatures and slush. Yuck.

The only positive of winter, is the promise of what’s to come in the spring…


Happy Monday!

I Know, I KNOW!

Sigh. Here I am again, posting an apology for how horrible I have been with blogging these days. Working full-time, being a mom, being a wife, and keeping a clean (sort-of) house is HARD! Then you throw blogging into the mix and it becomes almost impossible.

I have to admit, I have tried to post my Christmas recap post for a while, and every time I post it, none of the pictures show up. Fail. WordPress has made some adjustments, and they seem to be working against me. Now I am debating whether or not I should even bother, considering Christmas was almost one month ago…

I am also working on a project that is taking up a lot of free time, check back next week for details on that.

No more excuses, I am going to make it my mission to find time to blog! This does not qualify as a Makeshift Monday post, but I promise I will have one for next week.

Don’t give up on me!


Test. Test. Good, my computer still works.  I just had to brush a layer of dust off of it.

I have been absent for FAR TOO LONG. I had prepared a post for New Years Eve, but WordPress would not cooperate with me and it didn’t happen. A couple of days later I was back to work, and Maxton was in daycare full-time, so it’s been an adjustment around here. New routines and changes around here are leaving us exhausted, and wondering how we can add extra hours to our evenings…

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year! I will share a (very late) glimpse of our Christmas with you (hopefully later today), and will try to get myself back on track.

I am home today, celebrating Ukrainian Christmas with my little man. I had my family over last night for a traditional Ukrainian Christmas Eve dinner (which my Baba prepared), and will be enjoying the leftovers today!

Most of the decorations came down this weekend (have to take advantage of the time I am home), but we are leaving the tree up and lit for today.

I will catch you all up later this week on how Maxton’s transition to daycare is going, and how I am handling the whole “back to work” thing.

I wish you all health and prosperity in this fabulous year of 2013!

Merry Ukrainian Christmas!