Project Gestation

I am so happy to finally be able to share why it’s been so quiet around here. As you know, I recently shared a picture of Baby #2.

I had morning (all day) sickness with Maxton, and it’s the same story this time around. This time, the mornings and evenings have been the worst, lately just evenings, but much more manageable with the help of Diclectin. I tried to wean myself off of it completely, and you don’t want to know how that went.

It seems to be a little more intense, this time around, or maybe I noticed it more because I couldn’t lie around as much – doesn’t happen with a toddler. So, hopefully now that you know the real reason why I have been so quiet around here, you will forgive me. I didn’t have the creative energy, well energy period to blog.

Baby #2 is due August 6, so Maxton and is little sister or brother, will be just under two years apart. We will not be finding out the gender ahead of time; this baby will be a surprise just like Maxton was. There are few surprises in life, and this has to be the biggest and best, by far.

Here we are at 14 weeks:


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