Snow Day

A week ago Friday, we were hit with quite the snow storm. It’s not often that I can actually say we got A LOT of snow; but, we got A LOT of snow. Enough that our car and SUV couldn’t make it up the street, and it took hours for Steve to shovel through the drifts in our driveway.

It started the Thursday night, and only got worse throughout the day on Friday. I managed to make it to Maxton’s daycare and to work (although if I could do it again, I would have just stayed home), but was able to leave early.

At the end of it all, it was the most snow I have seen in a long time. Schools stayed open; however, the end of the day, I think they regreted the decision, as Police were advising people to stay off the roads. Too bad Maxton doesn’t really care about the snow yet…

I’m not sure he was as excited about shovelling all the snow as he looks…


Cars were getting stuck on the streets, and neighbours were coming out to help push people, and dig pathways for cars.

Maybe it doesn’t seem like a lot of snow, but for what we are used to, it is!

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