Eighteen Months of Maxton

When Maxton turned a year old, I mentioned I would stick to updates every three months, rather than every month. It’s amazing to see how much he has changed in the last three months.

I can’t believe he is a year-and-a-half old! Time has been flying, and it’s crazy to think he will be closer to the age of two, than the age of one. Our little boy is growing up before our eyes.

– He is doing so well at daycare and is adjusting really well to the weekly routine. He is making little friends (one little girl is always so excited when she sees Maxton in the morning, it’s so cute).

– He loves to read books and will bring you his favourites when you ask him for them. His favourites these days are I Love You Through and Through, Happy Birthday Little Pookie, and Goodnight Moon. He also loves any books where he can point out everything he knows. (Alphabet and Animal books.)

– He LOVES blocks. He loves to stack them, and will sit there for a long time doing so. His record is 9, and gets frustrated if they fall over before he is done. He loves them so much that he will stack anything he can: pieces of toast, puzzle pieces, creamers at restaurants, you name it.

– He isn’t talking too much; he says a handful of words and everything else is just babbling a conversation. He understands EVERYTHING you say, which is both good and bad. Watching him learn to comprehend what we say to him is so much fun.

– He knows where his snacks are and will try to help himself, he runs to the fridge for his milk or water, whenever he is thirsty.

– He runs around, loves to dance, march, and tries to jump.

– He is starting to get into some children’s shows, Max and Ruby, Thomas, and Elmo seem to be his favourites at this point. I don’t really have the TV on often for him, just in the morning while he is eating and I am trying to get ready.

– He is becoming a little more picky when it comes to eating, but all in all I can’t complain.


Happy 18 Months, little monkey! xo

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