18 Weeks

Sorry for the silence around here. Between working, mothering a toddler and growing a baby, there isn’t much time for blogging these days.

I am trying to keep up a pregnancy journal (which I also did with Maxton), and a toddler journal for Maxton – so it’s challenging to find the creative energy to battle all three!

Anyways, I missed my 16 week update here, but I promise I will be better going forward. I did manage to snap a photo at 16 weeks before my yoga class, so I have that for my pregnancy album.

Here is what I am looking like today, at 18 weeks, 1 day:


Baby is getting bigger – I am definitely showing more this time around. Yes I know, you always show quicker the second time around. It’s amazing the memory your body has.

These days the nausea is better, fatigue is so-so, but the last few days I have had some nasty sciatic pain – I never experienced it like this with Maxton. I have a prenatal massage on Sunday, so I am hoping that will help.

I am starting to feel more movement from my peanut, and can’t wait for those nice strong kicks! I have the 19 week ultra sound next week, and no, we are still not finding out the gender (as tempting as it is).

22 weeks to go!

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