20 Weeks: Halfway There

I can’t believe I am at the halfway point already. I remember it feeling like forever with Maxton; but, when you have an almost-nineteen-month-old, there is no time to think about time. Does that make sense?

I am happy to report I have been off diclectin for 1.5 weeks and am feeling okay. If I happen to go several hours without eating (for whatever reason), then the nausea will set in, but other than that I feel 100% better. Hopefully the nausea is gone for good. Now I am dealing with some fatigue (of course), which tends to slap me in the face around 2-3:30pm at work; and some nights I am in bed shortly after Maxton.

I feel the baby move a lot more now, and have felt him/her on the outside a few times. For some reason, 98% of the kicks/hiccups I feel very low, down in my incision line. I remember feeling them all around by this point with Maxton, I guess it’s just the way baby has positioned him/herself, or the position of my uterus. Perhaps my OB can offer some insight into this when I see her next week.

Sleeping is starting to become…interesting. I wake several times in the night, and am finding rolling over to be a little more floppy and a little less graceful. I’m sure Steve would agree, if you asked him. I have also developed a lovely pain in my right hip (in the back), which I thought was sciatic pain. My massage therapist explained it was actually the muscles around my sciatic compressing around the nerve, in combination with a loose pelvis. Doesn’t it sound fun? I never had this with Maxton. Massage therapy does help, but after a week or so it’s back in full force. Prenatal yoga is also helping but the pain creeps up on me by the end of the day.

So here is what I am looking like these days:


Check out my 20 week photo with Maxton:


I am definitely popping out more this time around – it’s fun to compare.

I also tried to snap a photo with Maxton; but getting him to sit still for a “posed” photo is near impossible these days. This is the best we could do:


We were both laughing and having fun, and that’s all that matters.

20 weeks down, 20 more to go.

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