24 Weeks

Time. Is. Flying.

Seriously, I can’t believe my last pregnancy post was two weeks ago! I’m not sure where the time is going. It’s hard to believe I am six months pregnant…

I am sad to report I am sick again. I was healthy for a week, and then Maxton brought home a lovely cold from daycare, which he shared with his Mama. My immunity SUCKS these days. I thought I would absolutely bypass the cold because I had been so sick with everything already two weeks ago. Instead my immunity laughed in my face and said: ENJOY LADY! Steve is out buying me some Salinex and Otrivin, both my OB said are safe to use.

Since my last update, not much has changed. Baby is moving around A LOT, and he/she is even waking me through the night with some activity. I love this stage – feeling the baby move around is amazing and indescribable.

My c-section date is officially booked – aka baby’s birthday. I would love to share it with you, but I am going to have to hold on to this secret. We are very excited, and think it’s a wonderful day to be born! Hopefully baby cooperates and stays in there until that day.

I tried to get Maxton to stand with me for my 24 week photo; but, he was more interested in having a MAJOR tantrum on the floor. Sigh. Story of my life these days.


16 weeks to go!

Makeshift Monday

I hope you all had a good weekend. Of course ours flew by, like always.

I have a few posts lined up for this week – I am feeling a little more inspired now that Spring has arrived. If only it would warm up a little more…

Am I alone in the lack of motivation that comes along with winter? I feel like I lose part of my creativity during those LONG winter months.

With spring, comes cleaning/organizing, gardening, outdoor activities and brightening up the house…That being said, I haven’t started any of those things, but I have been thinking about them. I thought I would share my “to do” list I created this weekend for things I need (or at least would like) to get done this spring and summer:

1. Clean out the guest room

2. Design Maxton’s big boy room

3. Transform the guest room into Maxton’s big boy room (including custom built-ins for the closet)

4. Build a deck/patio (and by that I mean Steve)

5. Plant a garden in the front and back

6. Organize the nursery for the baby (that includes bringing out all the baby furniture and gender neutral clothing)

I am going to stop there because I think I am getting ahead of myself. Too ambitious? I think we can pull it off!

Have you started a to-do list for this spring/summer? Do you find it helps you organize and prioritize things?

Mommy & Me

Last Sunday, Maxton and I had a Mommy & Me photo shoot done by the amazing Nicole, from Nicole Katelyn Photography. We were both at the end of our sickness’, and Maxton really wasn’t interested in cooperating, but she managed to capture some fantastic photo’s.

I thought it would be nice for Maxton and I to have a few photo’s done together. I’m often the one behind the camera, and when baby #2 arrives, things will get even more chaotic. I want him to be able to look back at moments where it was just “mommy and me”.


These are a few of my favourites. He melts my heart.

Makeshift Monday

It’s that day again, and another long work week has begun.

I am happy to say that I am feeling better. I still have a cough, and a bit of a sore throat, but I am much better today than I was last week.

This virus kicked-my-butt. Big time.

What did I learn from all of this? Day care toddlers bring home some SERIOUS germs, and it’s possible to survive a nasty virus without drugs.

If I had contracted this lovely virus while not being pregnant, I would have taken a lot more Tylenol, probably some Tylenol Cold, Otrivin to clear my nose at night, Buckley’s for the cough, and prescription eye drops for the viral pink-eye I had.

Instead, I took Tylenol to bring down the fever, and to help with my throbbing ears, Halls and popsicles for my sore throat, and honey-lemon tea for my throat and cough. It took a lot longer, and it was tough, but it all worked.

Now, the next time I get a cough, will I avoid cough syrup? Nope. Ha-ha. As long as I’m not pregnant or nursing, I will be taking mini-shots of that. I barely slept all of last week, and any sleeping I did get was sitting up on the couch – brutal. I had some pretty intense coughing fits, that left Steve looking both concerned and debating whether he should grab a puke-bucket.

Come on warm weather! Out with the germs, in with the warmth!

22 Weeks

This post is a couple of days late; I just haven’t had the energy to sit and write something. I am still fighting this horrible virus, with the latest symptom being a red pussing eye (not pink eye, apparently). It’s been eight days of this, and counting…

Anyways, I managed to throw some make-up on so I could take a 22 week photo.


My belly grew a lot between 20-23 weeks when I was pregnant with Maxton. This time around, because I showed sooner, I didn’t notice as much of a drastic change this week.

Nothing new to report, other than I feel the baby move/kick a lot more now. Steve has been able to feel the baby, and we can even see movement from the outside which is always awesome. Maxton still likes to come over and lift up my shirt to point to the baby in my belly – it’s very cute.


At my OB appointment last week, she gave me two dates and informed me one of them would be my c-section date. I should know in a week or so which of the two it will be. Unfortunately I won’t be sharing that with you. I know, I know – we just like to maintain the element of surprise.

18 weeks to go!