22 Weeks

This post is a couple of days late; I just haven’t had the energy to sit and write something. I am still fighting this horrible virus, with the latest symptom being a red pussing eye (not pink eye, apparently). It’s been eight days of this, and counting…

Anyways, I managed to throw some make-up on so I could take a 22 week photo.


My belly grew a lot between 20-23 weeks when I was pregnant with Maxton. This time around, because I showed sooner, I didn’t notice as much of a drastic change this week.

Nothing new to report, other than I feel the baby move/kick a lot more now. Steve has been able to feel the baby, and we can even see movement from the outside which is always awesome. Maxton still likes to come over and lift up my shirt to point to the baby in my belly – it’s very cute.


At my OB appointment last week, she gave me two dates and informed me one of them would be my c-section date. I should know in a week or so which of the two it will be. Unfortunately I won’t be sharing that with you. I know, I know – we just like to maintain the element of surprise.

18 weeks to go!

One thought on “22 Weeks

  1. You look so great in this photos! 🙂 Maxton is growing so fast. Our little’s look like big kids now, don’t they! Hope you feel better soon! xo

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