Makeshift Monday

It’s that day again, and another long work week has begun.

I am happy to say that I am feeling better. I still have a cough, and a bit of a sore throat, but I am much better today than I was last week.

This virus kicked-my-butt. Big time.

What did I learn from all of this? Day care toddlers bring home some SERIOUS germs, and it’s possible to survive a nasty virus without drugs.

If I had contracted this lovely virus while not being pregnant, I would have taken a lot more Tylenol, probably some Tylenol Cold, Otrivin to clear my nose at night, Buckley’s for the cough, and prescription eye drops for the viral pink-eye I had.

Instead, I took Tylenol to bring down the fever, and to help with my throbbing ears, Halls and popsicles for my sore throat, and honey-lemon tea for my throat and cough. It took a lot longer, and it was tough, but it all worked.

Now, the next time I get a cough, will I avoid cough syrup? Nope. Ha-ha. As long as I’m not pregnant or nursing, I will be taking mini-shots of that. I barely slept all of last week, and any sleeping I did get was sitting up on the couch – brutal. I had some pretty intense coughing fits, that left Steve looking both concerned and debating whether he should grab a puke-bucket.

Come on warm weather! Out with the germs, in with the warmth!

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