Makeshift Monday

I hope you all had a good weekend. Of course ours flew by, like always.

I have a few posts lined up for this week – I am feeling a little more inspired now that Spring has arrived. If only it would warm up a little more…

Am I alone in the lack of motivation that comes along with winter? I feel like I lose part of my creativity during those LONG winter months.

With spring, comes cleaning/organizing, gardening, outdoor activities and brightening up the house…That being said, I haven’t started any of those things, but I have been thinking about them. I thought I would share my “to do” list I created this weekend for things I need (or at least would like) to get done this spring and summer:

1. Clean out the guest room

2. Design Maxton’s big boy room

3. Transform the guest room into Maxton’s big boy room (including custom built-ins for the closet)

4. Build a deck/patio (and by that I mean Steve)

5. Plant a garden in the front and back

6. Organize the nursery for the baby (that includes bringing out all the baby furniture and gender neutral clothing)

I am going to stop there because I think I am getting ahead of myself. Too ambitious? I think we can pull it off!

Have you started a to-do list for this spring/summer? Do you find it helps you organize and prioritize things?

2 thoughts on “Makeshift Monday

  1. That list totally sounds do-able over the Spring/Summer. Except for the gardening. I’m always overly ambitious with the gardening. If you can get a deck/patio in the back and a small front garden you’d be golden! We’ve been tackling the smaller projects lately – fixing screens and caulking windows. I’m dying to paint the garage and front door but sadly the weather isn’t cooperating!

    • You’re right about the garden, Kristy – I always think too big and then create so much work for myself. That reminds me, I have to add washing windows to the list! We painted ours last year, and I remember the wait for the weather to improve!

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