24 Weeks

Time. Is. Flying.

Seriously, I can’t believe my last pregnancy post was two weeks ago! I’m not sure where the time is going. It’s hard to believe I am six months pregnant…

I am sad to report I am sick again. I was healthy for a week, and then Maxton brought home a lovely cold from daycare, which he shared with his Mama. My immunity SUCKS these days. I thought I would absolutely bypass the cold because I had been so sick with everything already two weeks ago. Instead my immunity laughed in my face and said: ENJOY LADY! Steve is out buying me some Salinex and Otrivin, both my OB said are safe to use.

Since my last update, not much has changed. Baby is moving around A LOT, and he/she is even waking me through the night with some activity. I love this stage – feeling the baby move around is amazing and indescribable.

My c-section date is officially booked – aka baby’s birthday. I would love to share it with you, but I am going to have to hold on to this secret. We are very excited, and think it’s a wonderful day to be born! Hopefully baby cooperates and stays in there until that day.

I tried to get Maxton to stand with me for my 24 week photo; but, he was more interested in having a MAJOR tantrum on the floor. Sigh. Story of my life these days.


16 weeks to go!

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