30 Weeks

It feels like just yesterday I did my 28 week post. How is that possible when it feels like my days at work are dragging along? All in favour of being off the entire summer while being paid, say “I”! I’m sure we all wish for that, especially once the nice weather starts.

Not much has changed since my last update. I am starting to wake more in the night and find rolling over to be…challenging. I always joked with Steve while I was pregnant with Maxton that rolling over in the night to get comfortable is a 6-point turn. There is a lot of shuffling, grunting and pillow grabbing involved. Thankfully I am not waking to go to the washroom, I just spend 60% of my day in the washroom emptying my bladder. Fun.

I am feeling the usual: more pressure, a lot of round ligament pain, and a lot of Braxton Hicks. The baby is very active, and I can tell he or she is starting to run out of room. Sorry babe!

I find myself wondering more and more if this baby is a boy or a girl, if he or she will have blue eyes like his/her big brother, or brown eyes like Mommy and Daddy, what his/her personality will be like, and how he/she will fit into our family dynamic.

We are also having trouble coming up with names. We had a “list” of names for a boy and a girl by this point with Maxton; but we just can’t seem to agree on anything yet, or find a name that we both LOVE. Tick tock.


I love when Maxton gives “baby” a hug.


Oh baby!

10 weeks to go!

21 Months of Maxton

I can’t believe my little monkey turned 21-months, yesterday! He has changed so much in the past 3 months, in the past month really. He’s growing into a little boy right before our eyes.

– He is talking up a storm! He repeats everything – his vocabulary is growing by the day, and he’s started talking in sentences. I love hearing him pronounce new words, and then repeat them for the rest of the day. Some examples:

  • For the longest time he was calling flowers “numma’s”. I have no idea why, but it was so cute. He has now started calling them “yawah’s” which is still very cute, but I miss the “numma’s”.
  • Recently the Penguins beat out the Senators in the Stanley Cup Playoffs (Yay!). My Dad was visiting and said bye-bye Ottawa, Maxton repeated and said “bye-bye Oawah”. So freaking cute.
  • There were several birthday’s this month in our family so Maxton got into the habit of saying Happy Birthday. Steve and I had back to back birthdays, so on a daily basis he now says “Appy Birday Dada. Appy Birday Mama”. Who can blame him?
  • He calls my dad “opa” even though we say Grandpa, and my mom “dubdah” for Babcha. He’s pretty good with saying Grandma and Papa (Steve’s parents).

I could go on and on with his vocabulary, but perhaps I will save that for another post, or two.

– He is INDEPENDENT. He needs to do everything all-by-himself. If you don’t let him, he will let you know – complete on the floor tantrum. He wants to put his shoes on, his pants on, his wants to do his buckles up in his booster and car seat, brush his teeth, etc. Did I mention he’s independent?

– I don’t want to jinx his eating habits, so I’m sure you can guess we are pleased.

– He loves to play with cars, trains and blocks; and will keep practicing things until he masters them.

– He LOVES to be outside. He will come downstairs in the morning and stand at the patio doors and say “owside”. If Steve or I have to step out, he has to be right there with us.

– He loves to read books, and has started to memorize a few.

– He can count to 10; and we are working on the alphabet.

– He’s over 27 pounds, and in a size 7 shoe. He’s pretty tall and I know he is going to look huge once we have a newborn in the house. He will still be my little guy, though.





Cutest little man, EVER!!!

We will be transitioning him into his new room in the coming weeks, so we are hoping that will go smoothly. No, we haven’t started his room yet – Steve is working on the deck right now, so once that is complete, we will focus on his room. I am hoping that will be very soon…

Happy 21 Months! xo

Happy 28th

Yesterday I celebrated my 28th birthday. With Steve having turned 30, I am just happy to still be in my 20’s – even if it’s only for two more years…

We had such an amazing weekend weather wise. It was gorgeous all weekend long, including Victoria Day. I was actually born on Victoria Day, so it’s always fun when my birthday falls on the holiday.

We got a lot accomplished this weekend, including grass cutting, gardening and outlining the perimeter for the deck – which I am happy to say we are starting this coming weekend! Woohoo!



I’m loving the way the garden looks thus far!

Be sure to check in next week for the progress on the deck, or perhaps a big reveal! My dad is coming to help Steve on Saturday, so hopefully they will get a lot accomplished. While they are busy with that, Maxton and I will do some patio furniture shopping…

We went to my mom’s for a birthday dinner on Sunday, which included lots of cake. Yummy! Steve, Maxton and I went out for breakfast on my birthday to one of our favourite breakfast places.





Steve spoiled me this year. I was lucky enough to score this beauty on sale, and it was my Mother’s Day/birthday present.


I am looking forward to sporting this Coach diaper bag when the new babe arrives! As if that wasn’t more than enough…We saw a commercial last week for a keyboard made by Logitech that connects to the iPad. I told Steve that would be awesome to have, but I wouldn’t spend the money on it now. So guess what else I got?


I am one lucky birthday girl!

Steve Turns 30!

I am finally getting around to posting about Steve’s 30th surprise birthday party. Between the computer issues and life in general, it took way too long. Although today is my actual birthday I wanted to get this post up before I shared my birthday with you. I’ll post on that and our weekend later this week.

Steve turned 30 last Sunday. Wow. It is funny to think about how I have known him for six years, and how much both of our lives have changed in that time – for the better of course.

In March, I started brainstorming ideas on how to celebrate this milestone birthday. Rent a hall? Expensive and a lot of planning. Dinner with friends at a restaurant? Possibly. Party at our house? Overwhelming. BBQ/Bonfire at Steve’s parents’ farm? Done.

Steve had many-a-bonfire with his friends at his parents place through high school and university; so I thought it would be fun for him to relive those youthful times on his 30th. After checking with his parents, they gave me the go ahead and I started planning.

I had a guest list of about 22 people including us, not including some of the little kiddies we had running around. I grabbed some hamburgers, hot dogs, salads and drinks, and left it up to the guests to BYOB. The whole week leading up to Saturday I was stressing because meteorologists kept changing the forecast. Rain. No rain. Rain. No rain. In the end, it didn’t rain, it was a little chilly, but we saw the sun and it turned out great.








I ordered his cake from Marble Slab Creamery. It was DELICIOUS. I went with the Choco-Coffee cake, which was a coffee-ice cream cake with caramel, and chunks of skor and snickers bar – HUGE chunks. It was amazing, and the coffee flavour wasn’t overwhelming. Success.



All in all, it was a great time and Steve was completely surprised. I blind-folded him on the way there, so he had no idea where we were going.




Operation Surprise Party = SUCCESS!

28 Weeks

Tuesday marked 28 weeks/7 months. Wow.

I am feeling HUGE, and am looking more like I did at 30 weeks with Maxton (in my opinion anyways).

I am starting to feel more “heavy”, almost as if I should be holding my belly up, along with some pelvic pressure. It seems you feel everything sooner the second time around.

My OB said baby is head down, although it doesn’t really matter considering I am having a C-section, but it’s still fun to know. I would have guessed so, judging by the kicks I am feeling in my ribs these days. I’m also pretty sure he/she is doing hand-stands on my pelvis, judging by the sort of pressure I feel. It’s all coming back to me…Ha-ha.

So here I am at 28 weeks:


This was me at 28 weeks with Maxton:


Obviously the picture with Maxton is taken at a bit of a different angle and is further away, but I still think my belly is bigger this time.

Steve picked up a crib yesterday for the baby. We decided we will move Maxton’s with him into his new room, and the baby will get the new one. I am starting to sort through all my baby items and wash things I have packed away. I forgot how much stuff we have!

12 weeks to go!