A Healthy Spring

So I thought I should explain my silence around here, before I jump into some posts on projects we are starting.

A few weeks ago, I woke up with a massive tooth ache. I called my Dentist, and she was able to get me in that morning. She wasn’t able to visibly see anything wrong, so she decided to do some x-ray’s and assured me that it was safe, and the baby would be fine.

The x-ray showed a deep cavity in one of my molars, which she said  probably developed quickly on account of pregnancy hormones and the change of acidity in my saliva. Lovely. So after three rounds of freezing, I was good to go. The odd thing was, my tooth felt worse as the day went on and it seemed like the tooth next to it was starting to hurt, as well as my cheek. I called my dentist back and she gave me her home number (isn’t she amazing?), and told me to call her any time in the night if the pain worsened. The next morning, she called me (again, amazing) to check on how I was feeling. The pain was no better, but I told her I would wait a day just incase it was taking longer to heal because of the extra blood flow from the pregnancy.

During all of this, I was on week 3 of this cold/virus, so my dentist kept asking if I thought I had a sinus infection. I had been to my family doctor and my OB the week before, and they didn’t think it was based on the fact that I had no sinus pressure whatsoever. My dentist wanted me to see my GP one more time to make sure it wasn’t a sinus infection, because if it wasn’t I was going to need a root canal. Bluh. That’s the last thing I wanted.

So I was booked for a root canal at 12pm that Friday, and was to see my family doctor on Thursday. Guess what? It was a sinus infection! Woohoo! Not really, but compared to a root canal, woohoo! I still had zero pressure in my sinuses, I was just stuffed up and had teeth and cheek pain. After 2-3 days of antibiotics, the pain was gone. The cavity turned out to be a coincidence, no harm done.

So after that was under control, Maxton started with a fever. After 4 days of a fever off and on with no other symptoms, I took him to the walk-in clinic. After a 2 hour wait, they told me he had a chest infection and an ear infection in his right ear. The doctor wouldn’t tell me what symptoms led him to believe it was a chest infection. He wasn’t coughing and wasn’t wheezing…

I filled the prescription for the antibiotics but decided I wanted him to see our family doctor to be sure. I was able to get him in the next day, and after a quick exam his doctor said he did not have a chest infection, but he did have an ear infection but in the LEFT ear, not the right. Sigh. So, at the end of the day he still needed the antibiotics – his fever was gone after being on them for 24 hours.

I am HOPING, this is the end of the viruses/colds/infections for a LONG time. Now that the nice weather is here and we can get outside, I pray that helps to keep the nasty germs away.

Fingers crossed.

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