28 Weeks

Tuesday marked 28 weeks/7 months. Wow.

I am feeling HUGE, and am looking more like I did at 30 weeks with Maxton (in my opinion anyways).

I am starting to feel more “heavy”, almost as if I should be holding my belly up, along with some pelvic pressure. It seems you feel everything sooner the second time around.

My OB said baby is head down, although it doesn’t really matter considering I am having a C-section, but it’s still fun to know. I would have guessed so, judging by the kicks I am feeling in my ribs these days. I’m also pretty sure he/she is doing hand-stands on my pelvis, judging by the sort of pressure I feel. It’s all coming back to me…Ha-ha.

So here I am at 28 weeks:


This was me at 28 weeks with Maxton:


Obviously the picture with Maxton is taken at a bit of a different angle and is further away, but I still think my belly is bigger this time.

Steve picked up a crib yesterday for the baby. We decided we will move Maxton’s with him into his new room, and the baby will get the new one. I am starting to sort through all my baby items and wash things I have packed away. I forgot how much stuff we have!

12 weeks to go!

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