Happy 28th

Yesterday I celebrated my 28th birthday. With Steve having turned 30, I am just happy to still be in my 20’s – even if it’s only for two more years…

We had such an amazing weekend weather wise. It was gorgeous all weekend long, including Victoria Day. I was actually born on Victoria Day, so it’s always fun when my birthday falls on the holiday.

We got a lot accomplished this weekend, including grass cutting, gardening and outlining the perimeter for the deck – which I am happy to say we are starting this coming weekend! Woohoo!



I’m loving the way the garden looks thus far!

Be sure to check in next week for the progress on the deck, or perhaps a big reveal! My dad is coming to help Steve on Saturday, so hopefully they will get a lot accomplished. While they are busy with that, Maxton and I will do some patio furniture shopping…

We went to my mom’s for a birthday dinner on Sunday, which included lots of cake. Yummy! Steve, Maxton and I went out for breakfast on my birthday to one of our favourite breakfast places.





Steve spoiled me this year. I was lucky enough to score this beauty on sale, and it was my Mother’s Day/birthday present.


I am looking forward to sporting this Coach diaper bag when the new babe arrives! As if that wasn’t more than enough…We saw a commercial last week for a keyboard made by Logitech that connects to the iPad. I told Steve that would be awesome to have, but I wouldn’t spend the money on it now. So guess what else I got?


I am one lucky birthday girl!

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