21 Months of Maxton

I can’t believe my little monkey turned 21-months, yesterday! He has changed so much in the past 3 months, in the past month really. He’s growing into a little boy right before our eyes.

– He is talking up a storm! He repeats everything – his vocabulary is growing by the day, and he’s started talking in sentences. I love hearing him pronounce new words, and then repeat them for the rest of the day. Some examples:

  • For the longest time he was calling flowers “numma’s”. I have no idea why, but it was so cute. He has now started calling them “yawah’s” which is still very cute, but I miss the “numma’s”.
  • Recently the Penguins beat out the Senators in the Stanley Cup Playoffs (Yay!). My Dad was visiting and said bye-bye Ottawa, Maxton repeated and said “bye-bye Oawah”. So freaking cute.
  • There were several birthday’s this month in our family so Maxton got into the habit of saying Happy Birthday. Steve and I had back to back birthdays, so on a daily basis he now says “Appy Birday Dada. Appy Birday Mama”. Who can blame him?
  • He calls my dad “opa” even though we say Grandpa, and my mom “dubdah” for Babcha. He’s pretty good with saying Grandma and Papa (Steve’s parents).

I could go on and on with his vocabulary, but perhaps I will save that for another post, or two.

– He is INDEPENDENT. He needs to do everything all-by-himself. If you don’t let him, he will let you know – complete on the floor tantrum. He wants to put his shoes on, his pants on, his wants to do his buckles up in his booster and car seat, brush his teeth, etc. Did I mention he’s independent?

– I don’t want to jinx his eating habits, so I’m sure you can guess we are pleased.

– He loves to play with cars, trains and blocks; and will keep practicing things until he masters them.

– He LOVES to be outside. He will come downstairs in the morning and stand at the patio doors and say “owside”. If Steve or I have to step out, he has to be right there with us.

– He loves to read books, and has started to memorize a few.

– He can count to 10; and we are working on the alphabet.

– He’s over 27 pounds, and in a size 7 shoe. He’s pretty tall and I know he is going to look huge once we have a newborn in the house. He will still be my little guy, though.





Cutest little man, EVER!!!

We will be transitioning him into his new room in the coming weeks, so we are hoping that will go smoothly. No, we haven’t started his room yet – Steve is working on the deck right now, so once that is complete, we will focus on his room. I am hoping that will be very soon…

Happy 21 Months! xo

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