30 Weeks

It feels like just yesterday I did my 28 week post. How is that possible when it feels like my days at work are dragging along? All in favour of being off the entire summer while being paid, say “I”! I’m sure we all wish for that, especially once the nice weather starts.

Not much has changed since my last update. I am starting to wake more in the night and find rolling over to be…challenging. I always joked with Steve while I was pregnant with Maxton that rolling over in the night to get comfortable is a 6-point turn. There is a lot of shuffling, grunting and pillow grabbing involved. Thankfully I am not waking to go to the washroom, I just spend 60% of my day in the washroom emptying my bladder. Fun.

I am feeling the usual: more pressure, a lot of round ligament pain, and a lot of Braxton Hicks. The baby is very active, and I can tell he or she is starting to run out of room. Sorry babe!

I find myself wondering more and more if this baby is a boy or a girl, if he or she will have blue eyes like his/her big brother, or brown eyes like Mommy and Daddy, what his/her personality will be like, and how he/she will fit into our family dynamic.

We are also having trouble coming up with names. We had a “list” of names for a boy and a girl by this point with Maxton; but we just can’t seem to agree on anything yet, or find a name that we both LOVE. Tick tock.


I love when Maxton gives “baby” a hug.


Oh baby!

10 weeks to go!

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