Maxton’s Big Boy Room – Part III

I am SO HAPPY to say that Maxton’s room is done, and he is currently fast asleep in his crib, in his new room! It’s the first night, so I am hoping he sleeps through, and maybe even sleeps in?…

We have been really pumping up his “big boy room”, and he seemed excited when we set the crib up and put him in it. He kept running from one end of it to the other. After we did the normal bedtime routine and I asked him if he was ready to get into bed he said: “No. Dat one der.” (that one there), and pointed to the door of his room. Broke my heart. Eventually he was okay, and snuggled up with his two favourite blankets. Fingers crossed!

I am not going to share the big reveal in this post, I will share in a couple of days. I haven’t had a chance to take pictures of it completed. Steve literally finished moving his crib and glider in at 7pm, tonight.

So, my last post showed you the chair rail, and the paint above it. DSC_0795 The shade of blue on the upper part of the wall was left over paint from Maxton’s washroom. The colour actually looks different in his room because of the natural light. We had just enough paint and I was happy with the colour. For the lower part of the wall, we chose a darker shade of blue, something that was both juvenile and mature. photo31 Although the shade does not look that dark, I was anticipating/hoping it would go on darker than it looked – which it did. DSC_0801 I am very pleased with how both colours turned out. Next came the curtains. Black-out curtains were a must. I was hoping to find light grey ones, but the price point was too much. I finally settled on dark blue; and although I was concerned at first it would be too much blue, I am very happy with my decision, after seeing it all put together. DSC_0804 The curtain rods I got for $16 each, which is a pretty good deal, and the curtains were $20/panel, but I am still not sure on the length.

I couldn’t purchase floor length curtains because the windows are too small and it would look strange. This is the shortest length I could find, and I am still debating whether or not I should hem them a little shorter… I cannot wait to share the reveal with you!


I had to snap a quick picture of his last night in the nursery. Sigh…

34 Weeks

I’m two days behind with this post – things have been a little…errr…busy.

I saw my OB on Tuesday for my 34 week appointment and mentioned all of the Braxton Hicks I have been having, along with the pressure (which is normal, I know), which I didn’t feel until closer to 38 weeks with Maxton. My OB wasn’t kidding when she said you would feel everything a lot sooner with baby #2…

I also measured at 37cm – WOW. Basically that means I am measuring at 37 weeks, instead of 34 weeks. My due date is correct, I’m just growing another big baby. No shock there; although I only ever measured two weeks ahead with Maxton.

My doctor decided that based on everything going on, and having a little one at home, it was time I stop work. So she gave me that magical medical note saying Wednesday would be my last day. I was shocked!

I had mixed feelings. I wasn’t prepared to be done work until July 11, which isn’t really that far away, it’s just the date I had in my mind. Don’t get me wrong, I was one happy lady leaving my doctor’s office! I was more than ready to be done.

It all seemed very fitting because I got back to work in time for my last monthly team meeting; and this was waiting for me:


Perfect timing.

I will miss my co-workers, but am very happy to be done work for a year!

I am feeling huge these days, and this week was HOT! The humidity was ridiculous, and I am so thankful to have an air conditioned house.

So here I am, at 34 weeks:


I’m pretty much at the point where I have to wonder how much room is left for this babe to grow. Then I look at my 40 week photo with Maxton and realize it’s possible…

6 weeks to go!

Makeshift Monday

Happy Monday!

It’s another hot one. It’s 9:30am and it already feels like 32 degrees celsius with the humidity.

As much as I love a summer cocktail, it’s not an option for me this summer (at least not yet).  Here is an easy and delicious mocktail recipe to try out from the LCBO’s Food & Drink.

Raspberry Rum Ride Mocktail

In a cocktail shaker filled with ice, add 1/4 oz. fresh lemon juice and 4 oz. raspberry juice. Shake and strain into a highball glass filled with ice. Top with 2 oz. ginger ale and sprinkle with fresh raspberries.

Stay cool and enjoy!

Maxton’s Big Boy Room – Part II

It’s been a few weeks since I last posted about the progress of Maxton’s room. To be honest, nothing had really progressed other than the purchase of the chair rail last weekend. We were really focussed on completing the deck, which still needs two more last details before it’s completely done, but definitely looks completed (yes, I will post on that soon).

This weekend has been the first weekend that we have had to really dive into his room. Steve spent part of the day yesterday taking the desk and bed apart, and hauling everything down to the basement.

Once the room was cleared out, he stared to work on putting up the chair rail.


Steve used a mitre box and hack saw to complete the edging on the chair rail; he then used wood glue and nails to attach it to the wall to ensure it was nice and secure.

We both taped everything off and were ready for our first coat of paint!

We spent the afternoon at Steve’s parents house for a family BBQ, so we were only able to get one coat of paint on the upper part of the wall; but, I consider that to be major progress! I won’t share too much.

This project is going to come together quickly. Our goal is to have Maxton in his new room Friday night. This weekend coming up is a long weekend, so it’s a good weekend to make the move, to ensure he transitions well.


One last sneak peek at something I picked up at HomeSense for his room. I have been meaning to begin charting his height for months now, but not directly on a wall, something a little more mobile. I came across this, and knew it would be perfect. We plan to hang it on the back of his door.


Keep your eye out this week for posts on the progress of Maxton’s room, and hopefully the big reveal this weekend!

Makeshift Monday: The Hunt for Chair Rail

Happy Monday blog readers!

I hope you all had a great weekend! We were busy working on the deck, and starting to prepare things for Maxton’s room.

Father’s Day started off rainy so we decided to make a trip to Home Depot to pick out some chair rail. Steve measured how much we would need before we left, so we would be able to purchase it if we found something we liked. We bought the chair rail for the nursery from Home Depot, and I was happy with what we chose. I decided for his new room, I wanted something a little thicker, and more “masculine”.

I came across something very similar to this, for $15.58 per eight foot section.21545_05689-F6096C_4

We would have needed about five sections to cover his room, and this was a little more than I wanted to spend. I decided I really liked it and we would spend the money on it. As Steve was going through the boards to find the best ones, I noticed a pile of boards that were on for $3.95 per seven-foot section. What a great deal! It wasn’t as fancy as the one I had chosen, but it was the same thickness, and I couldn’t pass it up for that price.


These p[pictures aren’t identical to what we found, but they are pretty close. I will post an actual picture of the chair rail once Steve starts putting it up (which is hopefully very soon). We have to work on cleaning out the spare room before we can really sink our teeth into the project.

I am happy with what we chose, and even happier with the great deal we got!