Project Deck

This post should have been up this past week, but it was busy.

Last weekend my Dad came down to help Steve start the deck. My expectations were high, with what they would get accomplished. No, I was not expecting it to be done in a day, but I guess I was expecting more than what I saw at the end of Day 1. Preparing the foundation takes a lot of work. A lot of time spent measuring and leveling, and I have to respect their attention to detail in making it as perfect as possible.

We debated a lot on what we wanted the space to look like. We thought about a partial wooden deck, stepping down to a patio. The main reason for this being, to keep the basement window open to ensure enough daylight gets through. Also, our yard slops towards our house so we had to make sure to build up the yard to prevent the water from pooling at the edge of the deck, or flowing straight towards the house.

Ultimately, we decided on a full wooden deck, with a small indent left for the water valve and the basement window.



The end of Day 1 looked like this:


It may not look like much, but it was a lot of work. They worked from 8am-7pm and only came in for lunch and dinner.

Steve plugged along during the week, after work when he could. This weekend was difficult because it rained off and on the whole weekend, so he kept getting interrupted.

Here is what it looked like before dinner today:


The joists are finally done, everything just needs to be cut. Steve put down the deck boards before calling it a night, and most of them are ready to be screwed down.


I am so excited to have this deck done! I cannot wait to sit and enjoy our new space. We have already picked up a seated patio set, and the dining set is due to arrive Tuesday. That makes me even more excited!

My dad is coming down Wednesday night to help Steve, and again on Saturday. I am hoping to post pictures of a finished deck next weekend; minus the railing and stairs. As long as I have something to stand on and put furniture on, I will be happy! Not to mention the fact that Maxton will be able to play and run around the back yard again.

Check in this week for the start of Maxton’s big boy room!

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