Maxton’s Big Boy Room – Fabric & Colour (Part 1)

This is the first of many entries to come on the start – finish of Maxton’s big boy room. Although we haven’t officially “started” the room (we are in deck mode right now), I spent part of the weekend brainstorming and shopping for items I had in mind.

A while back I revealed the colour choices for his room. The paint has been purchased, and is anxiously awaiting its first coat.

As I mentioned before, we are keeping Maxton in a crib for the time being. We are keeping the nursery as is, which means the bedding will remain in that room. Part of the bedding, being the bed skirt on the crib. I shopped around a bit for something that would suit Maxton’s new room, for a crib and eventually a day bed, but wasn’t having any luck. I decided I would just go out and purchase a piece of fabric and turn it into a DIY project.

While shopping for the fabric, I found a really great flannel fabric that I loved, and decided I would make a crib size blanket for him as well. Here is a glimpse of some of the fabric that you will see in his room.


The fabric cost a lot more than I thought, even with it being 30% off. I justified it because it was exactly what I was looking for.

I have never made a bed skirt before, so I wanted a quick and easy way of doing it. I decided to make three separate sections (one for either side, and one for the front – the back side doesn’t need a piece because it will be against the wall) that I could just lie underneath the mattress.

I measured and cut each section (allowing for a hem), purchased some hemming tape, and got my iron ready. The hemming tape was really easy to use and created a seamless finish. I was so impressed with it. All I needed was a little patience, a damp cloth and an iron. Easy as pie!


I am so impressed with how it turned out, and cannot wait to see it on his crib. I haven’t gotten around to making the crib blanket yet, but will definitely share that once I figure out what I want to do.

One last preview of some wall art I picked up at HomeSense on the weekend.


More on these finds in a later post!

3 thoughts on “Maxton’s Big Boy Room – Fabric & Colour (Part 1)

  1. Love all of this! Can’t wait to see Maxton’s big boy room! Can’t believe we are already decorating our kids big kid rooms… and your second will be here so soon! 🙂

    The print on the left – is it part of the Children’s Collection by Lindsay Stevenson? She’s a blog friend of mine and her work is so great!!

    • Thanks Kerry! I know, where has the time gone? I love the coral closet doors in Halle’s room – such a great idea!

      It is! I loved the piece when I saw it. There were a few others that caught my eye too. Send me her link, I would love to follow her blog! Please pass on my love of her work!

      Sent from my iPhone

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