Project Deck Part II

Happy Tuesday! Sorry for the non-existent Makeshift Monday post, yesterday; Steve and I were home with Maxton and spent the day getting some things done. We had planned to do something “fun”, but it poured rain all day. So we opted for building our new patio furniture inside, and a trip to Costco. (It was also my Mom’s birthday, Happy Birthday Mom!)

So my last deck update showed Steve laying down some of the deck boards, which was very exciting to see. My Dad came down to help on Wednesday, and was here again on Sunday.


Steve was able to get quite a bit accomplished on his own between Wednesday and Sunday, considering it rained most days.

I left them to work Sunday afternoon and took Maxton to his friend’s 2nd birthday party. By the time I got back, they had finished!


DSC_0757I cannot begin to describe how excited I was to see this! Time for the patio furniture???


Maxton had the very important job of sweeping off the saw dust.

The last thing left, is the railing and stairs. Although the deck isn’t that high off the ground, it’s quite the tumble-down for little people. Steve is going to build a railing on either side of the deck, as well as at the back under the window, where Steve built the indent for the basement window (I will show a better picture of this later on).  The only thing we are debating now is what type of railing we want.

I don’t want something that looks plain and builder-standard if you know what I mean. We found some railing kits that come with aluminum rails and pre-drilled 2×4’s for the polls to fit into. We love the look of this, but it is going to cost a lot more, so we are still debating. We need about 37 feet of railing, so it would cost around $500 for that type, including the posts and extra 2×4’s. Doing it the old-fashioned way would take twice as long and it would be cheaper, but we don’t think it would look as unique. What to do…

We really need to get this done so we can enjoy our summer out back, plus get Maxton’s room underway! I would still like him in new room at the beginning of July. Not much time left!

We have A LOT on our to-do list in the coming weeks. I am 32 weeks pregnant today, and it feels like we are seriously running out of time to get everything done!

I will keep you posted on the completion of our deck, plus show you the fabulous furniture that now resides on it. I love both sets we purchased! Here’s a sneak peak:


Check back tomorrow for my 32 week update!

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