32 Weeks

Eight months pregnant, wow.

I am really feeling eight months pregnant these days. Work is exhausting. Housework is exhausting. Chasing Maxton is exhausting. Being awake is exhausting. Ha-ha.

My bladder is the size of a pea during the day – heaven forbid I drink more than one glass of water at a time. Every night I have a calf cramp (charlie horse) at some point, which causes me to fly out of bed to straighten my leg. I had them all the time at the end of my pregnancy with Maxton too.

Steve is always telling me I try to do too much. Sometimes I do…sometimes I forget I am 32 weeks pregnant and should lay off a bit. Today I assembled a new patio umbrella into a 50lb umbrella base (which I bought this morning), planted flowers in a planter on the deck, took Maxton to the park and to an exotic zoo nearby. Yawn. Nesting perhaps? There is a lot of “nesting” that needs to be done around here in the next 8 weeks.

I am starting to sort through baby gear in the basement, and will be able to get more organized once Maxton is moved into his new room (no, there has not been progress on it).

I remember with Maxton there was a noticeable difference between 30 and 32 weeks, growth wise. I am definitely carrying lower this time. Check out my 32 week photo with Maxton:

32 Weeks

And here is my 32 week photo with this babe:

DSC_0773I measured a week ahead at my last OB appointment (32 cm at 31 weeks), and I always did with Maxton as well.

I really need to stop taking photo’s at the end of the day…You can’t really tell but I have a serious sun burn. I seem to remember to apply sunscreen on Maxton every 30 minutes, but can’t remember to spray myself once…

8 Weeks to go! (Technically it’s less because of my scheduled C-section; but I’m still not sharing the date!)

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