Maxton’s Big Boy Room – Part II

It’s been a few weeks since I last posted about the progress of Maxton’s room. To be honest, nothing had really progressed other than the purchase of the chair rail last weekend. We were really focussed on completing the deck, which still needs two more last details before it’s completely done, but definitely looks completed (yes, I will post on that soon).

This weekend has been the first weekend that we have had to really dive into his room. Steve spent part of the day yesterday taking the desk and bed apart, and hauling everything down to the basement.

Once the room was cleared out, he stared to work on putting up the chair rail.


Steve used a mitre box and hack saw to complete the edging on the chair rail; he then used wood glue and nails to attach it to the wall to ensure it was nice and secure.

We both taped everything off and were ready for our first coat of paint!

We spent the afternoon at Steve’s parents house for a family BBQ, so we were only able to get one coat of paint on the upper part of the wall; but, I consider that to be major progress! I won’t share too much.

This project is going to come together quickly. Our goal is to have Maxton in his new room Friday night. This weekend coming up is a long weekend, so it’s a good weekend to make the move, to ensure he transitions well.


One last sneak peek at something I picked up at HomeSense for his room. I have been meaning to begin charting his height for months now, but not directly on a wall, something a little more mobile. I came across this, and knew it would be perfect. We plan to hang it on the back of his door.


Keep your eye out this week for posts on the progress of Maxton’s room, and hopefully the big reveal this weekend!

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