Happy Father’s Day

Just popping in to wish all the Dad’s out there a Happy Father’s Day!

It’s a rainy day here, so unfortunately it doesn’t look like we will be spending any time outside today. This may be a good opportunity to get a jump on Maxton’s room.

I would like to wish my Dad a very Happy Father’s Day! He has been helping us so much lately with the deck. He has spent the past three weekends helping Steve, and some days in between. Without his help, Steve would still have a lot left to do. We can always count on him to help us out!



Maxton is very lucky to have such a special Grandpa!

Maxton would like to wish his Dada a very Happy Father’s Day! Steve is the most amazing father to our son, and he absolutely adores him. He loves to follow his Dada around and he can’t get far before Maxton is asking “where Dada is”. I’m SURE Maxton’s little sister/brother will feel the same! We are so blessed to have you, Steve.


I hope all the Daddy’s have a wonderful day!

(Keep an eye out for a deck update in the coming days; it’s 99% done!)

Zoo Time

A couple of weeks ago, I took Maxton to a small local zoo. It’s perfect for little kids, open fields to run around, and small animals.

I’m not sure if I have mentioned this before, but he is mildly afraid of sheep and goats. As soon as they start “baaa-ing” he clings to my legs and says “no” or “bye-bye sheep”. Poor guy. They can be really loud, especially if you’re less than a foot away from them. He also isn’t a fan of peacock’s – rightfully so, those birds are LOUD when they squawk.

My friend, and her son and daughter joined us as well.


He liked feeding the animals popcorn from his little bucket. Too cute.

On Wednesday, I took him to another local zoo that is a little bigger with more exotic animals – tigers, puma’s, kangaroo’s, etc. It is still a smaller zoo, but again, it’s perfect for his age group. We met up with Maxton’s little friend Wynn and his Mama and baby brother.

When we first got there, Maxton insisted on staying in the stroller, so he did.


About half way through he decided he was missing out, and wanted to get out and roam free to check out the “anima’s” (animals).

DSC_0766 DSC_0767DSC_0769DSC_0772

He had a great time and Mama got a wicked sunburn!

32 Weeks

Eight months pregnant, wow.

I am really feeling eight months pregnant these days. Work is exhausting. Housework is exhausting. Chasing Maxton is exhausting. Being awake is exhausting. Ha-ha.

My bladder is the size of a pea during the day – heaven forbid I drink more than one glass of water at a time. Every night I have a calf cramp (charlie horse) at some point, which causes me to fly out of bed to straighten my leg. I had them all the time at the end of my pregnancy with Maxton too.

Steve is always telling me I try to do too much. Sometimes I do…sometimes I forget I am 32 weeks pregnant and should lay off a bit. Today I assembled a new patio umbrella into a 50lb umbrella base (which I bought this morning), planted flowers in a planter on the deck, took Maxton to the park and to an exotic zoo nearby. Yawn. Nesting perhaps? There is a lot of “nesting” that needs to be done around here in the next 8 weeks.

I am starting to sort through baby gear in the basement, and will be able to get more organized once Maxton is moved into his new room (no, there has not been progress on it).

I remember with Maxton there was a noticeable difference between 30 and 32 weeks, growth wise. I am definitely carrying lower this time. Check out my 32 week photo with Maxton:

32 Weeks

And here is my 32 week photo with this babe:

DSC_0773I measured a week ahead at my last OB appointment (32 cm at 31 weeks), and I always did with Maxton as well.

I really need to stop taking photo’s at the end of the day…You can’t really tell but I have a serious sun burn. I seem to remember to apply sunscreen on Maxton every 30 minutes, but can’t remember to spray myself once…

8 Weeks to go! (Technically it’s less because of my scheduled C-section; but I’m still not sharing the date!)

Project Deck Part II

Happy Tuesday! Sorry for the non-existent Makeshift Monday post, yesterday; Steve and I were home with Maxton and spent the day getting some things done. We had planned to do something “fun”, but it poured rain all day. So we opted for building our new patio furniture inside, and a trip to Costco. (It was also my Mom’s birthday, Happy Birthday Mom!)

So my last deck update showed Steve laying down some of the deck boards, which was very exciting to see. My Dad came down to help on Wednesday, and was here again on Sunday.


Steve was able to get quite a bit accomplished on his own between Wednesday and Sunday, considering it rained most days.

I left them to work Sunday afternoon and took Maxton to his friend’s 2nd birthday party. By the time I got back, they had finished!


DSC_0757I cannot begin to describe how excited I was to see this! Time for the patio furniture???


Maxton had the very important job of sweeping off the saw dust.

The last thing left, is the railing and stairs. Although the deck isn’t that high off the ground, it’s quite the tumble-down for little people. Steve is going to build a railing on either side of the deck, as well as at the back under the window, where Steve built the indent for the basement window (I will show a better picture of this later on).  The only thing we are debating now is what type of railing we want.

I don’t want something that looks plain and builder-standard if you know what I mean. We found some railing kits that come with aluminum rails and pre-drilled 2×4’s for the polls to fit into. We love the look of this, but it is going to cost a lot more, so we are still debating. We need about 37 feet of railing, so it would cost around $500 for that type, including the posts and extra 2×4’s. Doing it the old-fashioned way would take twice as long and it would be cheaper, but we don’t think it would look as unique. What to do…

We really need to get this done so we can enjoy our summer out back, plus get Maxton’s room underway! I would still like him in new room at the beginning of July. Not much time left!

We have A LOT on our to-do list in the coming weeks. I am 32 weeks pregnant today, and it feels like we are seriously running out of time to get everything done!

I will keep you posted on the completion of our deck, plus show you the fabulous furniture that now resides on it. I love both sets we purchased! Here’s a sneak peak:


Check back tomorrow for my 32 week update!

Maxton’s Big Boy Room – Fabric & Colour (Part 1)

This is the first of many entries to come on the start – finish of Maxton’s big boy room. Although we haven’t officially “started” the room (we are in deck mode right now), I spent part of the weekend brainstorming and shopping for items I had in mind.

A while back I revealed the colour choices for his room. The paint has been purchased, and is anxiously awaiting its first coat.

As I mentioned before, we are keeping Maxton in a crib for the time being. We are keeping the nursery as is, which means the bedding will remain in that room. Part of the bedding, being the bed skirt on the crib. I shopped around a bit for something that would suit Maxton’s new room, for a crib and eventually a day bed, but wasn’t having any luck. I decided I would just go out and purchase a piece of fabric and turn it into a DIY project.

While shopping for the fabric, I found a really great flannel fabric that I loved, and decided I would make a crib size blanket for him as well. Here is a glimpse of some of the fabric that you will see in his room.


The fabric cost a lot more than I thought, even with it being 30% off. I justified it because it was exactly what I was looking for.

I have never made a bed skirt before, so I wanted a quick and easy way of doing it. I decided to make three separate sections (one for either side, and one for the front – the back side doesn’t need a piece because it will be against the wall) that I could just lie underneath the mattress.

I measured and cut each section (allowing for a hem), purchased some hemming tape, and got my iron ready. The hemming tape was really easy to use and created a seamless finish. I was so impressed with it. All I needed was a little patience, a damp cloth and an iron. Easy as pie!


I am so impressed with how it turned out, and cannot wait to see it on his crib. I haven’t gotten around to making the crib blanket yet, but will definitely share that once I figure out what I want to do.

One last preview of some wall art I picked up at HomeSense on the weekend.


More on these finds in a later post!