The Nursery

As I have mentioned in past posts, we didn’t have much to do with the nursery for this babe. The nursery is gender neutral because we didn’t find out the gender with Maxton either. All we really had to do was build a new crib, rearrange some furniture and remove some of the “boyish” accents, and revert back to the gender neutral theme, for now.

One of my favourite things about the nursery was the bedding we chose. I fell in love with it the second I found it online, and love it just as much to this day.


I also found some decals that matched the bedding perfectly.


We have the swing set up in the nursery temporarily, until the glider is back in the room, or until we need it on the main floor to make better use of it. Maxton LOVED the swing, so much so, that we are on the third motor for it. Thankfully they were all covered under warranty, but we will be out of luck this time around. Hopefully this is one strong motor!


Maxton’s ultra sound picture was in the nursery the entire time he was, and has followed him to his new room. Now we have a new little ultra sound picture in this space that belongs to the little person we are so anxious to meet.


Everything seems to be ready, just waiting for the sweet sounds of our little babe to fill the space!

4 thoughts on “The Nursery

  1. I remember hanging out in there when Halle and Maxton were still pretty little! Such a nice room & I love the natural light in there! Can’t wait for that baby to arrive! 🙂

    • Haha I know. That feels like so long ago when I see how big our kiddies are now. I love the light in the nursery and Maxton’s room, too! Both rooms face south and get the natural light all day.

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