38 Weeks: The Countdown

Well we are down to counting down the days, folks. This will be my last update for this pregnancy – bitter-sweet. Sometime between now and 40 weeks (August 6) my baby will be born. I am hoping this babe stays in until C-section day, but it’s ultimately up to him/her.

I can’t believe how quickly this pregnancy has gone by. Granted I have a toddler to keep me very busy (who will be 23 months tomorrow).

The end of the pregnancy has definitely been harder this time around. Not as much resting or relaxing, and a lot more “running around”. Picking up/carrying a 30lb toddler at 9+ months pregnant is…interesting. I cannot begin to describe the pressure I feel this time around, that I NEVER felt while pregnant with Maxton. Some days I feel like I should have my hand ready to catch a baby…sorry for the tmi. Ha-ha.

I am starting to feel A LOT of “mom guilt” with Maxton these days. I have been working on a post to share more on that, but it is taking some time to put my thoughts into words.

It’s hard to believe that very very soon, I will be holding my second child in my arms, and introducing him/her to his/her big brother, Maxton. I cannot wait for that moment. I packed a lot of tissue in my hospital bag! Although Maxton won’t really understand what it means to have a baby brother/sister, Steve and I will cherish the moment they meet for the rest of our lives, as we watch them grow up together in the years to come.

Physically we are ready for the baby, just some last-minute cleaning and shopping (groceries etc.) to do. Mentally? Can I really be ready? I am so excited to meet this little person who has been growing inside of me for the past 38 weeks, and am so anxious to find out if it’s a boy or a girl. I am still thinking girl at this point – I actually had a dream the other night that the baby was a girl, born at 10lbs 2oz. We shall see how accurate that dream was – my OB seems to think that is a great guess for the weight and also said she believes something can be said for “mother’s intuition”. I thought Maxton was a boy, we’ll see if I have any intuition left. I am still measuring big, of course, this week I was measuring 40 weeks, which is where I was with Maxton at this point.

So, here I am at 38 weeks pregnant:


We will take one more photo, before we leave the house to go to the hospital – I will share that photo with you after the baby is born.

It’s going to be hard to be away from my little boy for a couple of days, but I am looking forward to bonding with this little one.

Here is to a safe delivery for me and the baby.

2 weeks to go (but really it’s less…)!

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