36 Weeks

We are in the home stretch – I can’t believe I am already 36 weeks!

We have been very busy getting into “baby mode”. We have brought up all of the baby furniture from the basement, with the exception of the play yard – which will get done in the next few days. The bouncer chair is washed and ready, the swing is set up, the bassinet is ready, and Steve assembled the crib last night.

The car seat base is in the car, my bags are packed and so are the baby’s. At least if the baby arrives early, we are “ready”.

What am I feeling? I am feeling anxious and nervous about the C-section, and about the change in our family dynamic. I am hoping Maxton adjusts to having a little baby in the house, and that I am able to meet each of their needs, without any feelings of neglect. I know it will be hard, but each will deserve 100% of my attention. I want Maxton’s routines to remain the same, and for him to still have all of the Mommy and Daddy time that he deserves.

I am feeling lots of pressure these days, and sleeping isn’t the greatest. I have a lot of Braxton Hicks at night and if I am not experiencing those, it’s a calf cramp, back pain, hip pain or just plain old insomnia. I am always hot – even with the air conditioning and ceiling fan. Steve wraps himself in sheets and blankets, and I am hot in shorts and a tank top.

I plan for this to be my second last post, as my C-section is scheduled sometime between 38 and 40 weeks (no, I am still not sharing the date); but, baby could always come before then too. Hopefully I will have one more pregnancy post to share with you.

So here I am at 36 weeks, please excuse the pj’s.


Oddly enough I haven’t really talked about the nursery at all. The focus has been Maxton’s room, mostly because the nursery was done. I will share our neutral nursery with you later this week.

I have an OB appointment tomorrow – she may do a “guesstimate” of the weight which I am looking forward to hearing, as well as how big I am measuring at this point. I am a little afraid…

I am carrying much lower than I did with Maxton, and am more “pointy”, if that makes sense.

36 weeks this pregnancy vs 36 weeks pregnant with Maxton

36 weeks this pregnancy vs 36 weeks pregnant with Maxton

A lot of people have been asking me what I think the gender of the baby is. I had a feeling Maxton was a boy for most of the pregnancy. This time I am thinking the baby is a girl. My “mother’s intuition” has a 50% chance of being correct, so I am just going to go with it. Ha-ha. We will find out soon enough.

Not much longer now.

4 weeks to go!

Maxton’s Big Boy Room – The Reveal

Happy belated Canada Day! I meant to do a post on Monday, but Maxton has been sick with strep throat so I just didn’t get the chance. This little guy likes to save his sickness for long weekends…

Also, Happy 4th of July to my American blogger friends!

Well, I am so happy to finally share Maxton’s room with you. He has been adjusting so well to the change and seems to love it as much as I do. There are a couple of things we still need to add to the room, including a ceiling fan to help keep it cool, which Steve actually just finished tonight. I will share that next week.

So last I left you, it looked like this:


I wasn’t sure on the length of the curtains, but I decided they look good and I am fine with their length.

And now, the finished space!


The crib skirt turned out great, and I love the way it looks. I am still working out his little stuffed animal corner, but he seems to like the set-up for now.


When I saw this, I had to have it. I used to sing this to Maxton all the time when he was a baby, and he loved it. I saw it from a distance at HomeSense, and as I went to approach it, a lady snagged it before I could. I called Steve almost in tears because I was so upset. I decided I would check Winners and Marshalls, and if I couldn’t find it, I would make something similar. Well, by total fluke I saw it at Winners and practically ran at it! I am so happy it came home with me. It has so much meaning to me, and the colours work perfectly in the space!


I also found this lovely piece at HomeSense. A friend of mine and fellow blogger pointed out that this piece is a part of the Childern’s Collection, by a Canadian artist named Lindsay Stephenson. I am so happy to have this in Maxton’s room – especially knowing it was created by a Canadian artist.


Originally we were going to get a cube shelf from Ikea, the same one we used for his toy storage on our main floor. I decided it would be too big for his room, and I didn’t want that to be the focal point of his bedroom. So, I came across this nine cubed shelf at Target, and got it on sale for a good price. It works perfectly and I am still playing around with what I will be using each shelf for.

The lamp I picked up at Bouclair on clearance for $12.99 – I was so excited when I saw the price, because it caught my eye right away.

The sail boat I got on clearance at Winners, and Maxton loves it! He points to it every morning and says “saya boat”. So cute. The “M” was in his nursery before, and the shadow box holds his hand and foot print that I had done when he was 8 weeks old, some newborn socks he wore home from the hospital, and his hat he wore in the hospital. It’s one of my favourite things in his room.


We decided to move the glider from the nursery into Maxton’s room, for now. He loves to sit in it for story time before bed, or just for some cuddles. I didn’t want to take that away from him and probably wouldn’t use it much with the new baby in the beginning. I didn’t really use it much with Maxton until he was sleeping in the nursery at night. Once we move this back into the nursery, we will replace it with a little table and chairs for him.

The basket I found at Winners, and thought it would be great for some of his books; this way he can pick through the ones he wants to read – I also loved the colours of the fabric.

We are going to bring in some kind of “toy box” to keep some of his toys upstairs in, once he starts playing in his room more. My Dad is going to make him a train table for his 2nd birthday, so I am thinking of asking him if he would make him a toy box as well.


His closet is MASSIVE. There is so much space in it, and that is on the to-do list, most likely after the baby arrives. We want to maximize the space inside of it, so we will definitely be looking at different closet organizers. I will keep you posted on that.


The growth chart looks great on the back of his door, he loves the giraffe. The hamper I got at Bouclair on clearance, and have it sitting in his closet. I thought it was a great deal!

I am still deciding on something to hang on one of his walls; but will let you know what I decide when I show you the ceiling fan we chose.

Thanks for following along, on the progress of Maxton’s room!

I have not forgotten about showing you our completed deck. I am still waiting for Steve to finish off the hand rail and solar lights. Hopefully he is able to finish that this weekend!