Two Years of Maxton

On Saturday my baby boy turned two. I really don’t know where the past two years have gone…

He is such a big boy, and keeps us on our toes 24/7.

Here we are with another newborn on our hands; but it feels like just yesterday I was holding Maxton as a newborn…


Now he is such a little boy…


My last detailed update of Maxton was at 21 months, which feels like a lifetime ago development wise. This kid talks. He talks A LOT. He repeats anything and everything you say to him. I mean EVERYTHING. Steve and I have really had to watch what we say around him these days.

Here are a few words that he puts his own spin on:

– Max and cootie (Max & Ruby – a TV show)

– Antibocic (Antibiotic)

– Strawbobee (Strawberry)

– Cobicumber (Cucumber)

– Petatin (Penatin)

– Nyogurt (Yogurt)

– Wee wee witch (Which Witch is Which – a book)

– Paceeso (Police car)

– Gappy gappy (Spaghetti)

– Owely (Everly)

He uses full sentences when speaking, all the time. Steve has a CD in his car with three songs that Maxton loves: Turkey in the straw, Bumblebees and Silly Silly Shapes. Every day he says: “Tukey in da shtaw, bumboobees, silly shepes, Dada’s car.” So cute. He also walks around saying “Iss okay Owely” whenever he hears Everly crying. He is just the cutest.

– He is still very very independent, with everything. “Do it self” or “Go self” is what we hear multiple times a day.

– He looooves to play with cars and trucks, and to point them out while we are walking or in the car.

– He knows the alphabet, can count to 10 no problem and to 30 with some probing. He can recognize every letter of the alphabet, every number, and the following shapes: circle, square, triangle, rectangle, pentagon, oval and octagon. He also knows most of the basic colours, and loves to colour.

– He still loves to play outside, and it is going to be interesting when the temperature drops to -20 degrees celcius.

– He is such a great big brother, and loves his baby sister so much.

I think I will continue to do a detailed update of him every three months. It’s fun to do, and will be great to look back on.

We had a little BBQ for him on his birthday, but his actual party is a week Saturday. I needed to push it back a bit to allow some more recovery time for myself. He doesn’t know the difference. I am looking forward to it, and have already started on some little projects for it. I’m keeping the theme a secret for now…

Here are a few photos I captured on his birthday!


Happy 2nd Birthday, Maxton! We love you so much! xo

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