Trucking into Two

Saturday was Maxton’s second birthday party. As I mentioned, I chose to do it two weeks after his actual birthday, to give me some additional time to recover from my c-section. My plan was to have the party in the backyard, with our wonderful new deck, but mother nature had other plans. It has rained a handful of times this summer, and of course one of those times was Saturday.

I was expecting close to 40 people (14 of which were kids, including my own), so I knew it was going to be chaotic to say the least. Boy was it ever. Maxton had a great time, and although there were stressful moments, I am happy we went ahead with it, and didn’t cancel because of the weather.

The theme? Trucks! Maxton is LOVING trucks these days, and he has more than enough to keep him occupied. I was debating the theme of his party; the choices being “My Big Big Friend” (his favourite TV show) and trucks. I decided trucks would be more fun.


My favourite part about his truck themed party? The cake!

I flip-flopped with what I wanted to do for his cake. I knew that I wanted it to be homemade this year, so I searched Pinterest for some ideas, started brainstorming, and came up with something fun and creative. Steve wanted to make the cake, so I communicated the idea to him and he did an amazing job executing it. It turned out perfect!


This entire cake cost less than $10! The little trucks I got in a package from the dollar store – Maxton loved them!


What’s the one thing I didn’t do during the party? Take pictures of everyone at the party! I was so busy with food, keeping the house in one piece, and tending to Maxton and Everly, that I only took a couple. Thankfully my sister snapped a few for me as well.

Here is a mish mash of the party:


I still can’t believe he is two…


Happy Birthday, Maxton! xo

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