Belle Fleur

Pink, purple, bows, clips headbands dresses – it has begun.

Now that I have a baby girl, I am becoming aware of all the “accessories” there are out there. Being one of three girls I was used to it as a kid, but soon forgot after having a boy. Maxton’s accessories were always limited to cute shoes and hats (which I loved); but Everly’s seem to endless. It almost seems “necessary” to put a headband on her, not to mention how cute she looks with one on. Even Steve said: “She needs to wear more headbands when they are this cute.”!

My friend had suggested I “like” a Facebook page for a woman who has a business creating headbands, clips, hats etc. Her company is called Belle Fleur; she is local, and sells her items in a couple of local shops. I decided to check her out and when I saw the pictures of her headbands, I became…err….obsessed. I was able to score 13 amazingly beautiful headbands for $13, during an online sale one evening. She will also make custom pieces with your colour/style choices, which is great!


How great are these??? The colour and style combinations are endless! The elastic bands are quite stretchy so they will fit her head as she grows, which is great.


Isn’t my little model adorable? Ha-ha.

My hat order will be going in shortly – can’t wait for that!

I love supporting local businesses, and wish I had thought of doing something this creative!

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