Laundry Room Makeover Reveal

First off, Happy Halloween! It is pouring rain here, but I am sure that won’t stop many of the trick-or-treaters. Check back tomorrow for a look at our Halloween!

Last week I showed you my laundry room. It has bothered me for the entire time we have lived in this house, and I decided it was about time we attempt to make it more functional.

It isn’t a room I wanted to spend a lot of money on, I just wanted to add a few things to make it a little more operational.

Steve offered to paint it for me, but we are going to begin another paint project shortly (more on that soon), and I told him not to bother; especially with how awkward it would be to do. Trust me, I love paint on the walls to lighten up a space, but painting the laundry room isn’t on the “must do” list right now.

So let’s take a look at the before again:


Here is what it looks like today:


What do you think?

I would love to eventually paint it so it’s not so white, but that will come after we tackle some other projects.


Steve added another shelf for me for extra storage. We chose to put it on the same wall as the other shelf, and not beside the existing cabinets. We would have had to put up a smaller shelf if it went beside the cabinets, so we decided against that. I can also hang clothes from this self as well, while still clearing the dryer. The shelf cost $10 from Home Depot.


I am so happy with the prints I chose to put up. I printed them myself and the frames I already had. I think they really warm up the space.


I often buy bulk detergents which don’t fit in the cabinets, so I dug out my wicker serving tray and thought it would be of good use in the laundry room. Right now, I am using it to hold laundry detergent, clothes pins for my clothes rack, and a cloth to wipe out the washing machine.

What is my favourite part about my laundry room now? My accordion wall mounted clothes rack! I love it!


This is such a space saver! I can hang two pairs of pants (which clothes pins) on each rod, and it folds back into the wall once you’re done with it – it provides 12.5 feet of hanging space. I purchased this from Solutions for $34.99. It’s a little pricey, but it was worth everything penny!


I added a shoe rack that I was able to tuck away in the corner, and it only cost me $10 from Wal-Mart.


Steve shifted the washer and dryer over a little so we could tuck our ironing board, folding clothes rack and H2O mop between the washer and the wall.

I know it may not seem like much, but it’s a huge improvement for me, and makes me hate doing laundry that much less.

A little effort can go a long way!

Three Months of Everly

My little pumpkin is three months old today! It feels like I blinked and an entire month went by. This maternity leave is going by a lot faster than it did with Maxton – but I am twice as busy this time around!

Everly is so alert these days and full of smiles! Her smile reminds me a lot of Maxton, but girly (if that makes sense). Steve and I always say her voice sounds so girly and sweet.

– She HATES tummy time, just like her brother did. I really don’t give her much tummy time at all…

– She started to laugh last week – it takes tickling her to get her going, but she is always very smiley

– She usually sleeps a 6 hour stretch, sometimes she will go a little longer

– She isn’t a great napper (Maxton has something to do with that) – sometimes if I have run some errands she will stay asleep in her car seat for a couple of hours when we get home

– She is beginning to show interest in toys you put in front of her face. She smiles when I show her one of her little dolls

– She has started to coo and tell little stories – very cute. She will wave her arms and kick her feet when Steve or I talk to her

– She always gives Mama a big smile in the morning when she wakes up

Here’s my girl at three months!


Of course with Halloween being tomorrow, she was sporting one of her Halloween outfits!


Happy three months, Everly! xo


A year ago today, my childhood dog passed away. She was twelve-and-a-half, but had the energy of a puppy.

I miss her every day. I miss the way she always looked like she was smiling, how excited she got when you walked in the door, how she would bring you whatever she could find on the floor to greet you, how lazy she was on walks, the way she hid under the dining room table when you chased her around the house, the way she stood at your feet in the kitchen while you cooked – and sat at your feet while you ate, but most of all, how loving and loyal she was.


I miss you puppy.


Laundry Room Makeover

We have been in our house for over three years and there are many spaces in the house I would like to change/update. Being a Mom of two young kids, doesn’t allow for a lot of attention to be given to our house – other than cleaning, which never ends.

One room in our house that drives me absolutely CRAZY, is our laundry room. Actually, it’s so small I’m not even sure I can call it a room…

Our laundry area is also the entrance to our garage, so there is often traffic coming in and out, especially in the winter time. The amount of space to sort/organize clothes, allow for a clothes drying rack, and few pairs of shoes/boots, is ridiculously small.

So here is a peek at what it looks like now – no filter people, my laundry room is a mess, this is real life.


Small, right? Not sure what the builders were thinking when they designed this. All the other rooms in our house are so spacious…I definitely can’t say the same for this room.

The storage is also lacking – big time.


One tiny little cupboard, and a whole lot of wall space!

The rack on the wall that the clothes are hanging on, Steve put up for me. It was a quick solution to be able to hang clothes to dry. We picked it up from Home Depot, for fairly cheap.

The ceiling in this room is very high, and it would be quite challenging to paint, especially with the stairs leading down. I really want to add some colour to the walls, but I may have to settle for the builder’s beige for now, and spruce it up in other ways.

I have picked some witty captions to print and hang on the walls, and have my eye on some storage baskets to bring some organization to this space.


Can’t wait to get started on this, and to share the reveal with you!

Do you have any spaces in your house you’re itching to redo?

Mommy Guilt Part II

Shortly before Everly was born, I blogged about the guilt I was feeling about sending Maxton to daycare while I was home “preparing” for the arrival of a new baby.

Well – that guilt has been taken to a whole other level.

When I came home from the hospital, I felt so guilty that I couldn’t lift Maxton, and that Steve was spending most of his time tending to Maxton, while I was tending to Everly, and “resting”. On top of that, I felt bad that I was sending him to daycare, while I was home with his little sister.

Then came the guilt of not being able to play with Maxton the moment he wanted me to, because I was nursing or rocking or changing Everly.

THEN came the guilt of having to stick Everly in her bouncer chair while I played with Maxton or made him food. Sometimes she would tolerate a wrap, but she has bad reflux (which I will blog about soon) so that would often end in her vomiting, which really didn’t help anyone. I would think how Maxton always had 100% of my attention all the time as a newborn, while Everly only gets 50% of my attention most of the time. I felt as though Maxton was more attached to me by this point; but he was also colic, so he was a whole other kind of baby. Everly is so mellow and content and just goes with the flow the majority of the time.

Maxton is in daycare Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, so that gives her and I some one-on-one time for the day. Yet, then I feel guilty for feeling happy it’s just me and her for a change, which leads to me to feel guilty for sending Maxton to daycare. Here we go again – it’s an endless cycle of guilt.

I am learning to manage my time, to make sure both of them get as much attention from me as possible. Evenings and weekends are more manageable when Steve is home to help. Now that Maxton is home with me Monday and Friday, I am really learning (and I really do mean learning) how to be a good Mom to both of my kids.

At the end of day, I can only do as much as I can do, and I hope that Maxton and Everly know how much I love them.