Two Months of Everly

This post is a few days late – should have been up September 30! I tried but was unsuccessful.

I have so many posts half completed and I really need to finish them up this weekend!

So…my little girl is two months old!

– She had her two month appointment on Monday, and she was weighing in at 13.9lbs (13lbs 14.4oz) and 23 5/8 inches. She is quite the chunky monkey!

– With her two month appointment, came vaccinations. Maxton was never bothered by them, in fact, he slept 5 hours after his – Everly was a different story. She did not sleep well the rest of the day, was very fussy, and developed a fever. The following day her fever hit 101.2, so I called the doctor just to make sure it was okay (never had to deal with it with Maxton). He assured me it was common and if she still had it after 3 days or it got higher to bring her in. Thankfully that was the end of the fever and she was back to her normal self. (She also threw up the oral vaccine in the doctor’s office – haha.)

With all of that, she was not willing to break out any of her sweet little smiles for her two month photos.


Poor girl.

– She is sleeping well at night for the most part (don’t want to jinx it) – 5-6 hour stretches usually. (The last two nights she slept 8 hours…) Fingers crossed she stays on this path!

– She is very smiley and responds to our voices

– She likes to suck on her pointer finger knuckle when she makes a fist


– When I am putting her to sleep (usually around 10:30, she won’t go down before then), she likes to be rocked under our vanity lights in our bedroom, on low (they are on a dimmer). She just stares at their little glow until she falls asleep.

– She likes her car seat and being in the car and the stroller (again I don’t want to jinx it). We went to a wedding last weekend that was about 1.5 hours away, and she slept all the way there and all the way home. Maxton hated the car. They are very opposite with almost everything.

– She loves the bear mobile in her play yard, and the lamb mobile in her crib (Maxton also liked them).

She is just the sweetest little girl.

Happy 2 Months, Everly! xo

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