An Apple A Day

Two weekends ago we went apple picking at a local apple orchard. It wasn’t the warmest weekend, but it wasn’t raining and wasn’t freezing, so it was a good opportunity. Steve and I went to the orchard when Maxton was a newborn, but our picking consisted of running in and grabbing a basket of “already picked” apples, because someone was screaming in their car seat. Colic days.

This year, he seemed very excited at the idea (even though he really didn’t know what apple picking was), so we headed out to pick some apples!

My mission was to pick the Honey Crisp (for snacking on) and the Cortland (for baking). They had only been ready for a week so we figured there would be plenty. Boy was I wrong. Both were pretty much picked over, and there were a few left on the trees and several good ones on the ground. There were a lot of other types ready for picking, but these were the two I preferred.

Next year I will be sure to go the first weekend they are ready for picking.


Maxton seemed to be more interested in eating the apples, than picking them…


However, he did enjoy tossing them into the bag. It was $20 a bag, and we jammed that sucker full. We probably ended up with over 60 apples – lots of baking ahead for me!


Everly on the other hand, decided she would sleep through it all.


By the end of it, Maxton had enough, and was more interested in the grass and whether or not there were cows around to eat it…


It was fun, and I am sure the older the kids get the more fun it will be!

As for me, I have made some apple crisps and some apple coffee cakes – this weekend my mission is to bake and freeze desserts, and use up the rest of the apples!


The forecast is calling for rain so it’s a good opportunity for baking! If the kids allow me to that is…

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