Second Blogiversary

Yesterday (October 17) marked my second blogiversary. I meant to throw a post together yesterday for it, but completely forgot, to be honest. I seem to forget a lot of things these days. I will blame it on the million things going through my head on a daily basis, and my “mommy brain”.

It’s hard to believe I started this blog two years ago! Two years and two-hundred-and-something posts later, I think I am a little more patient, a little wiser, but am still baby stepping my way through motherhood.

Blogging is a great stress relief, although these days when there is a gap in my posts on account of just being busy, it bothers me and I feel the urge to stop everything and start blogging. Life is definitely 100x busier with two kids, and once I fall into a better routine, I will be around more. Until then I have 10 or so half-completed posts, and tons of pictures to go through.

So thank you readers for sticking with me, and I hope I am semi-amusing in year three!

The reason I do this…


Check back later today for a peek at our Thanksgiving!

Helen xo

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