Laundry Room Makeover

We have been in our house for over three years and there are many spaces in the house I would like to change/update. Being a Mom of two young kids, doesn’t allow for a lot of attention to be given to our house – other than cleaning, which never ends.

One room in our house that drives me absolutely CRAZY, is our laundry room. Actually, it’s so small I’m not even sure I can call it a room…

Our laundry area is also the entrance to our garage, so there is often traffic coming in and out, especially in the winter time. The amount of space to sort/organize clothes, allow for a clothes drying rack, and few pairs of shoes/boots, is ridiculously small.

So here is a peek at what it looks like now – no filter people, my laundry room is a mess, this is real life.


Small, right? Not sure what the builders were thinking when they designed this. All the other rooms in our house are so spacious…I definitely can’t say the same for this room.

The storage is also lacking – big time.


One tiny little cupboard, and a whole lot of wall space!

The rack on the wall that the clothes are hanging on, Steve put up for me. It was a quick solution to be able to hang clothes to dry. We picked it up from Home Depot, for fairly cheap.

The ceiling in this room is very high, and it would be quite challenging to paint, especially with the stairs leading down. I really want to add some colour to the walls, but I may have to settle for the builder’s beige for now, and spruce it up in other ways.

I have picked some witty captions to print and hang on the walls, and have my eye on some storage baskets to bring some organization to this space.


Can’t wait to get started on this, and to share the reveal with you!

Do you have any spaces in your house you’re itching to redo?

3 thoughts on “Laundry Room Makeover

  1. I laughed when I saw the photos of your laundry room. That IS small! and where the cabinets are looks half finished like they just forgot to add cabinets all the way across. I guess the builder didn’t want you to spend much time in there 🙂 On the plus side, with a small space, it won’t be too expensive whatever you choose to do to spruce it up. I think the printed photos are a great idea. I especially like the second one 🙂 We put our drying rack in our bedroom so the clothes are close to where they need to be to just be put away in the closet when they are dry and the rack can get tucked behind our closet door. Bonus is that the clothes drying adds humidity to the air and they seem to dry quicker in the large room verses the enclosed dark laundry room.

    • I know. I cannot stress enough how poorly designed this laundry room was. Great idea about putting the clothes in the bedroom! Our house is very dry and that is a great way to add some moisture!

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