Three Months of Everly

My little pumpkin is three months old today! It feels like I blinked and an entire month went by. This maternity leave is going by a lot faster than it did with Maxton – but I am twice as busy this time around!

Everly is so alert these days and full of smiles! Her smile reminds me a lot of Maxton, but girly (if that makes sense). Steve and I always say her voice sounds so girly and sweet.

– She HATES tummy time, just like her brother did. I really don’t give her much tummy time at all…

– She started to laugh last week – it takes tickling her to get her going, but she is always very smiley

– She usually sleeps a 6 hour stretch, sometimes she will go a little longer

– She isn’t a great napper (Maxton has something to do with that) – sometimes if I have run some errands she will stay asleep in her car seat for a couple of hours when we get home

– She is beginning to show interest in toys you put in front of her face. She smiles when I show her one of her little dolls

– She has started to coo and tell little stories – very cute. She will wave her arms and kick her feet when Steve or I talk to her

– She always gives Mama a big smile in the morning when she wakes up

Here’s my girl at three months!


Of course with Halloween being tomorrow, she was sporting one of her Halloween outfits!


Happy three months, Everly! xo

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