Halloween Fright

I hope everyone had a great and spooky Halloween!

We had rain for most of the day yesterday, but there was a small window for trick-or-treaters to get out before the rain started up again, along with hurricane-like winds (which are much worse today).

I wasn’t quick enough to get out to take pictures of our house before all of that started, so I only got a couple of not-so-great photos.


I meant to get out sooner but didn’t get the opportunity.

It took EVERYTHING to get Maxton into his monkey costume. The costume was huge on him last Halloween, so I decided he could wear it again this year, not to mention how cute he looked in it last year.

We had a little Halloween party with some friends last weekend, and my friend managed to snap a great photo of all the kids dressed up!


My success wasn’t as great, trying to get a picture of Maxton, Everly and my Afro Samurai.


I must say, Everly makes a VERY cute watermelon. Such a warm little costume!

DSC_0640After finally convincing Maxton to put his costume on, I had Everly strapped in the carrier, ready to go trick-or-treating, when the doorbell rings, and Maxton answers it with Steve. Maxton lets out this ear-piercing cry and runs into the corner, almost running into the wall. I look over and there is a little boy standing in a Hulk costume, complete with a scary mask. The kid had scared the pants off Maxton.

I felt so bad for him! It’s the first time he has really been scared of anything to the point of crying. I was able to calm him down, and we were about to walk out the door again. As soon as I opened it, there was a boy dressed up in an alien costume, with what I considered to be a scary mask. That was it. Maxton immediately screamed and started hysterically crying and screaming “go back” (I assume he was speaking to the alien), and trying to climb up Steve’s leg. It took 20 minutes and some M&M’s to calm him down, so we closed the door on going out to trick-or-treat. I pray those scary masks don’t give him nightmares, and he doesn’t remember it next year.

Happy Halloween!

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