Four Months of Everly (Belated)

On November 30, Everly turned four months.

– She still HATES tummy time. She is so dramatic about it – she will put her face flat down on the floor and whine and complain. Little diva.

– She is still sleeping pretty good – she is a fan of 35 min naps, unless she is in her car seat after an outing

– 95% of her smiling involves sticking her tongue out at the same time – so

– She loves to be on her play mat

– She has started “squawking”. This girl has a lot to say!

– She rolled over from her tummy to her back for the first time on November 29, she looked stunned. Ha-ha.

– She loves to hold and chew on her toys; especially her dolly

– She is starting to pay more attention to her big brother


DSC_0716DSC_0725DSC_0724DSC_0726DSC_0727DSC_0736Happy 4 Months, baby girl!

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