Six Months of Everly

My little girl is half of a year old. Seriously? How did that happen? I feel like I blinked and six months went by. I tear up thinking about how hard I try to enjoy every single second with her, but the days go by so quickly and she is growing before my eyes. 1619168_659136315653_1124842323_n

At six months, Everly is:

– Eating rice cereal, not really enjoying it, but she tolerates it. We also tried carrots, and she was not a fan. She gagged her way through it and I eventually gave up after a few bites (same story today). She definitely isn’t as easy to feed as Maxton was. I watched a video of Maxton at 6 months eating carrots, and he was more than interested. 1557543_659169304543_482106994_n

– I am going to skip over her sleeping habits because I am too TIRED to get into that. Naps are decent. If we are out and about and come home, she usually stays asleep for a while in the car seat. She is much better in the car than Maxton was; and 98% of the time she falls asleep, even on a short trip. Total opposite from Maxton.

– She doesn’t roll much. She has rolled tummy to back twice, otherwise she will just hang out on her back, and roll to her side. I think her thighs are too chunky to complete the roll…

– She loves her jumperoo and jolly jumper and when she isn’t in one of those, her legs are still jumping

– She still sticks out her little tongue while smiling, and has been chewing her fingers like CRAZY – teething

– She loves to watch her little brother and reaches out for his face all the time. “No baby Ezovey.” – is Maxton’s response.

-She’s still not a fan of tummy-time, but she will get up on her knees, even if her face is flat on the floor

– She still loves the lights that are on a dimmer over my vanity in the bedroom. – She loves to squawk/talk, “ra-ra” and has just started saying “mum/mama” while she is fussing/crying

– We are working on sitting up while playing, Maxton thinks it’s funny when she is down at his level

– Next week is her six-month check-up, so we will see what she weighs and how long she is!    DSC_0005DSC_0009DSC_0012DSC_0017


Happy 6 Months, Everly!

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