Video Baby Monitor Review

When I was pregnant with Maxton, I never really thought about purchasing a video monitor. I didn’t want to have the option to spy, because I was afraid I would just constantly stare at the monitor. He slept in our room for the first six months, so at that time I realized I wanted something great and reliable. I liked the idea of the Angelcare monitor, because it had the pad to put under the mattress to detect their breathing. We ended up coming across the same type of monitor by Tommee Tippee, The Closer To Nature Sensor Pad. It was the same idea as the Angel Care monitor but had a great two-way audio feature so you could talk to the baby from the parent monitor. This comes in handy to this day! We love it.

So when Miss Everly came along, I decided I wanted another great monitor. This time around we decided it would be nice to have a video monitor. It would be fun to spy on Everly in her crib, and we figured we could use it on Maxton when we move him into his big-boy-bed, to see if he actually STAYS in his bed without us having to go in every five minutes.

About a month-and-a-half ago there was a sale on some monitors at Babies R Us, and one caught my eye. The Summer Infant Baby Touch Plus Digital Colour Video Monitor. It retails for $269.99CA, but it was on sale for $169.99CA.


It seemed like a great deal so I purchased it. I had read some reviews online beforehand, and a few mentioned the monitor would go “out of range” often, so this concerned me, but I thought I would give it a shot.

What a piece of CRAP! I cannot believe this item retails for that price. Within less than a month of purchasing it, it stopped working all together. All that would display was “Out of Range”, and the audio would not work either. Even if I was outside the door, the same message appeared. I wanted to throw it out the window. Also, from day one, the temperature gauge was off by ten degrees. So it would say 81 degrees, but it was actually 71 in the house. I loved the size of the screen, and that the touch screen allowed you to pan the camera, but this product is horrible and I give it a 3/10 based on the fact it costs so much and stopped working within a month. I read further reviews and the majority of them seemed to have this issue, so I can’t say it was just a dud. Back to the store it went.

PROS: Great video quality, being able to adjust the camera angle from the parent unit, compact, large screen, two-way communication

CONS: Epensive, horrible range, stopped working, temperature gauge incorrect

I then decided to try the Vtech Safe & Sound Video Monitor, which retails for $99.99CA.


I give this monitor a 0/10. This one didn’t even last 24 hours in our house. There is nothing I liked about the monitor. The screen is small (which I knew when I purchased it), the quality of the picture is awful (both night and day), there is no temperature display (although it shows it in the picture), it lost signal within hours of being on, and the audio does not stay on. It automatically shuts itself off if there is no change in the sound in the room, which also shuts the video off – so you cannot hear that white noise sound of the monitor. (Some people may like this feature, I don’t.) The monitor kicks back in when your baby cries, although in the little time it did work, there was 15 second delay. Not acceptable to me. To me it’s enough time for a babe to cough and choke, or throw up, without me knowing (perhaps it seems dramatic, but still). Fail.

PROS: None

CONS: Poor video quality, sound is only activated when child cries, poor range, small screen, no temperature display

At this point I was feeling defeated, and feeling as though I wasn’t going to find a decent video monitor at an acceptable price point.

I thought I would try one more. I came across the Lorex Care ‘n’ Share Video Baby Monitor. This monitor retails for $149.99CA and I purchased it on sale for $129.99.


I wasn’t familiar with this brand but decided I would go for it.

I am giving this one a 9/10! It’s a keeper! I am impressed with the monitor overall and would recommend it to anyone looking for a video monitor.

PROS: Large screen, great video quality, good range, good battery life, two-way communication, temperature display, nature music that can be played through the baby’s unit

CONS: Cannot change camera angle from parent unit, nature music cycles through various sounds, rather than being able to choose one sound only, parent unit is on the larger side (Steve jokes it’s like an iPad mini)

The “cons” really aren’t anything major, and I was just picking at things that I would change if I could.

I hope this helps for anyone out there looking for a decent video baby monitor!

2 thoughts on “Video Baby Monitor Review

  1. Great review! Glad you shared the ones that didn’t work out too. I’m big on reading reviews before I buy (especially electronics or large purchases). We gave up on baby monitors after trying a few and having to replace them. I think everyone I know has had to replace their baby monitor which is crazy because you spend so much money on them and they are supposed to give you piece of mind. Hope this one lasts a while for you!

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