Big Boy Bed

I have seriously been working on this post for weeks. This blog has been suffering some MAJOR neglect. I love blogging, but my time management sucks!

A few weeks ago, Steve disassembled Maxton’s crib and assembled his big boy bed.

We kept going back and forth on whether to convert his crib to a double bed, or purchase a twin to save space in his room. We decided to go with the twin. I didn’t want his room to be about this giant bed at such a young age, I want him to have plenty of room to play, and a twin bed is more than big enough for his little body.

So we were on a hunt for a twin bedframe. We decided IKEA was the best place after browsing around, so we headed out on a family trip there. We came across this bed, which seemed pretty basic, allowed for storage underneath, and the price was right.

After looking at it up close in the store, we decided it was “okay” but not the greatest. We then came across something I hadn’t noticed on the website, but I LOVED the display model in store.

brimnes-daybed-frame__0159176_PE315614_S4The BRIMNES Daybed, which doesn’t look like a typical daybed. We loved the look of it, and the storage underneath was a HUGE bonus. I checked the price tag and it was $254.00CA. More than we wanted to spend, but we both loved the look of it and decided we would be bringing it home with us.

When we got to the warehouse and located the appropriate aisle and bin number, we noticed the price of the bed was $299.00 CA. We were both 100% sure the tag had said $254, so we decided to load up the boxes and would deal with it at the cash. Sure enough it scanned at $299, and after a call to the appropriate department we were informed the tag was incorrect, but we would be honoured the price of $254. SCORE! So home it came.

After 2 days of building (just kidding), but seriously after several hours, it was finally assembled.

I managed to get an AMAZING deal on bedding for him. I found a comforter set at Target that included a twin comforter, sheet set and bedskirt on clearance for $24.99 – only to get to the cash to discover it was further reduced to $14.99!!! Double score!


The tent we also picked up at IKEA. He couldn’t get enough of it in store, so we thought he would enjoy one in his room.

Yes, there is a bed rail on his bed. I just left it out for the sake of viewing the entire bed. We had one type of bed rail on the bed, but he kept falling out of bed in the night. He would somehow fall through the one-two foot gap on either end of the bed. We couldn’t find a decent extra-long bed rail that didn’t require anchors, so we are using my childhood bed rail which is adjustable to almost 60 inches long! Why did they stop making those??? Thanks Mom for hanging on to it! Yes, it is safe. Unfortunately, last night he fell out of bed, via the foot of the bed… Sigh.

The adjustment has been great. He woke multiple times the first few nights but loves it now. He is also napping again in his bed (for now); but it took two weeks before that happened.


I am so proud of my little guy!

Seven Months of Everly

There is no “30th of February” so Everly sort of skipped her 7-month birthday, but I didn’t. 🙂

Seven months. Crazy! I feel like time is slipping through my fingers, and no matter how hard I try to hold on to it, it continues to slip way. Seven months…

My girl is changing every day. She seems to be doing something new, or figuring out something adorable all of the time. If only she could figure out sleep…She is still a horrible sleeper. She is up at least 3-5 times a night. Never less than 3, sometimes 5 or 6 or 7 times. I find myself placing her in her crib, then immediately falling to the floor by her crib, out of exhaustion, laziness, and anticipation of the next time she wakes.

Everyone has moments of exhaustion, and everyone is tired, but seriously, if your kids sleep, you have no idea what it’s like. You’re expected by everyone to function 100% for an entire day following this endless cycle of up and down up and down, and it almost seems pointless at timse to go back to sleep, especially when Maxton is up through the night as well. Yawn.

Maxton was sleep trained by this point, but I don’t have the emotional strength to do it this time around, plus I didn’t have to worry about waking a toddler with him, either. So this is how it is for now. I am feeling myself wearing down each day – trying to be a good wife, Mom, homemaker, all while trying to build my business – then down the road, throw going to back to work in the mix. Yikes! It amazes me how important sleep really is in all aspects of life.

Anyways, you get the point, she is up a lot and I don’t sleep.

So, at seven months she:

– Weighs 21lbs (I may not sleep much but my arms are looking quite muscular these days).

– Rolls back to front all the time, but would rather cry and be saved then roll front to back. (This happens often through the night.)

– Sits very well, I always prop a nursing cushion behind her because she will still topple occasionally

– LOVES watching Maxton and often giggles at him while he’s playing

– Is a horrible eater, and by that I mean with solids. She is “okay” with cereal but is not a fan of anything really. She will eat maybe 2 tbsp of food a day and I really have to force it in. Everything is homemade and delicious in my opinion – she would say otherwise. Total opposite of Maxton, who opened his mouth wide for everything and was eating five times as much by this age. She is obviously thriving and by no means malnourished.

– She has two bottom teeth, both poked through just after the six month mark, and there are more brewing.

– She loves “Sophie the Giraffe” and will smile if she hears it squeak from another room

– She loves chewing on her toes, and I love seeing her do it!

– She has the cutest smile, still sticks her tongue out for most; and beams when Dada walks in the door after work

– She is very ticklish in multiple places

– Everything is da-da-da these days, a few ga-ga’s and ra-ra’s. Ma and mum come with the tears.

– She is starting to wake early like her brother, before 7am most days. She used to sleep until 8 or 9am…


DSC_0173DSC_0180DSC_0202What else can I say. I love her to pieces and she makes me smile every minute of the day.

Happy 7 Months, Everly! xo