A Pretty Frame

When I was little, my Mom used to call hair clips, “pretties”. I’m not sure if anyone else uses this term, or it was just something cute my Mom made up. She also called juice boxes “drink boxes”, so it was probably just her – either way looking back, it makes me smile.

Everly has A LOT of hair clips and head bands. They were all over the place, and for someone who likes things organized, or at least semi-organized, I was far from it. I had seen a few ideas on Pinterest, and decided to combine a few ideas together and start a DIY to solve the problem.

So off I went to Michaels for some of the supplies I would need.

A picture frame (I used an 8×10 frame)

1 sheet of scrapbook paper


Power drill

Glue gun


I started by taking the glass out of the frame, and making measurements for the hooks on the bottom of the frame. I chose to use 5 hooks, and estimated 4-5 headbands could easily hang off each. I then drilled holes into the frame, and screwed the hooks in (with my little helper).


I then measured out some ribbon and marked on the back where I would glue them. I chose to have three ribbons, running top to bottom. Once they were cut, I glued them to the back of the frame. Maxton also helped with this…



Once the glue was dry, I cut the sheet of scrapbook paper to fit the inside of the frame, and replaced the backing of the frame.


I decided to glue a flower on the top, just to add a little something-something. That’s it! I was really happy with the finished product.


I couldn’t wait to try it out!



Not bad, right? I am happy with how it turned out.




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